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The Wine Picker Team



  • Select a restaurant

  • Set the basic options like the budget and the food you're having

  • The app will automatically propose you the 5 best wines matching your criteria

  • Then, well you just enjoy the wine and write a review

Extra Features


    Like Duckie who found his perfect match with Pinot Noir, match your food with your wine or vice versa using Wine Picker advanced wine matching screen.

  • Tasting notes

    Save your all your tasting notes in Wine Picker and remember all the great wines that you have tasted.

  • Snap a wine list

    How frustrating it would be not being able to use Wine Picker because the wine list hasn't been loaded? No worries just take a few pictures et voila le top 5 is there.

  • Cellar Management

    Wine Picker offers and advanced cellar management interface. Linking your bottles with all your tasting notes.

  • Share with friends

    Wine has always been a social drink, now nothing easier than sharing you favourite bottles and discoveries with friends through Wine Picker.

  • Public & Private groups

    What about sharing with a wider audience than your friends? Use Wine Picker groups to create public or private groups where people can access, add and share content.


  • My name is Josselin, yeah sounds pretty French, there is actually a city called Joselin quite a pretty one (might be related). Ok I’m losing it, well that’s because I’m the tech guy, I don’t get to have as much fun as the other dude. So if you spot bugs, have issues or just want to thank us for the app, drop me a line I’ll do my best to improve your experience.

  • Hey I’m Julien, and no I don’t always taste wine with sunglasses. I’m the wine dude, so my job is to make sure that the wines you enjoy are correctly represented in Wine Picker. This is a very tough task involving some heavy tasting!