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Basic Wine & Cheese Pairings
  Wine and cheese were practically made for each other. The richness of cheese goes beautifully with so many wines, particularly those with a nice bright acidity and even wines that are rather tannic as well. Whether you’re looking to choose a wine for a cheese plate when dining out or are planning a wine and cheese party at home, here are a few winning combinations to try out. Cheese Made From Type Wine AsiagoRead More

What is CAVA?

a) The French term for wine cellar   b) The cellar-master of Burgundy domaine   c) A word, meaning blend of different grapes   d) Sparkling wines made in Spain   Answer) (d) Sparkling wines made in Spain   Sounds interesting?  As a lot of people want to know about Cava in detail, whether it is Champagne? What is the difference between Cava and Champagne? Let’s find out what Cava is and what makes itRead More
Try these Sicilian Reds

Try These Sicilian Reds

Drink These Sicilian Reds   Sicily has been winning over wine lovers recently and it’s no wonder. With great values and positively delicious wines, it’s a brilliant region to check out for something a little different. This sunny Mediterranean island is home to food-friendly wines that are both versatile and incredibly affordable. Let’s take a look at some of its top reds, starting off with the major grape varieties.   Nero d’Avola   The ‘blackRead More
Four Loire Wines You Need to Try Now
  The many wines of France’s Loire Valley make for excellent drinking whether it’s summertime, fall, winter, or spring. There’s something for every season. Today, we’ll take a quick look at some of the lovely grape varieties that make the Loire such a versatile wine region. Muscadet If you love fish or shellfish, Muscadet is a wine you simply must try. This light, bright white is made from the Melon de Bourgogne and is foundRead More
a. Krugification   b. Disgorgement   c. Bubblification   d. Declassification   Answer) (b)Disgorgement   Ever heard the word-Disgorgement? Some of you may be familiar with the term and some might not be. Disgorgement is the process during champagne production where the dead yeast deposits because of the secondary fermentation in the bottle and is removed replacing the cork.   When the bottle is dipped in the frozen brine solution, it freezes the yeast particlesRead More
Lambrusco & Charcuterie article
  We all love a charcuterie and cheese plate. It’s the perfect appetiser to kick off a meal, an excellent plate for sharing amongst a group or even between a couple.   Your standard option will often include Italian prosciutto or Spanish Jamon. These salted, fatty meats need something that complements the light sweetness of the cured meats. Enter Lambrusco, that lightly fizzy Italian red from Emilia Romagna. Coming in a range of dry toRead More
Orange wine  - not made of oranges
Despite its name, orange wine is not made from oranges. So what is it then? In a nutshell, it’s skin contact white wine or white wine made in the same way as reds. Instead of immediately racking the juice off the skins, it is left in contact which imparts tannins, flavours, and most notably, colour to the resulting wine. It’s an ancient method that dates back to the birth of winemaking in the Caucasus region,Read More
I am a blend of Graciano, Mazuelo and Tempranillo. What am I
a. Sherry b. Barolo c. Rioja d. Toro Answer) c) Rioja   If you are a wine lover who adores Cabernet Sauvignon and also the fruitiness of Grenache, then you will certainly like Rioja. One of the most popular Spanish wines, Rioja is made from a blend of grape varieties having Tempranillo as the dominant grape.   Rioja is Spain in a glass of red wine. When you hear Rioja, a beautiful picture of SpainRead More
Rueda wines come from which country
a. Romania   b. Portugal   c.Spain   d. Italy Answer) c) Spain   Spain is known for producing some of the most amazing wines along with a plethora of exotic agricultural products. Looking for classic white wine without sacrificing quality and without burning a hole in your pocket can be a daunting task, isn’t it? Refreshing, affordable white wines is undoubtedly a pleasant group of words. Crisp, clear and refreshing, Rueda wines make yourRead More
Barolo, a killer wine from Piedmont, is made of which grape
a.Nebbiolo b. Dolcetto c. The Barolo grape, duh! d. Cabernet Sauvignon   Answer) Nebbiolo   Do you know there is another bold B on the block except Bordeaux and Burgundy that is as powerful and popular as these wines? We are talking about Barolo. The worth mentioning wine and just as appetizing, it is considered as one of the best when we talk about Italian reds. Are you familiar with it? Even if you areRead More
which wine is produced literally by heating it at high heat
  a) Amontillado Sherry b) Madeira c) Crusted Port d) Vermouth e) Muscat   Answer: b) Madeira   The Madeira Wine, most popularly known as a ‘Wine Born at Sea’ got its name from the Madeira Island.  This fortified wine is a Portuguese wine that is heated at high temperature. Most surprisingly, the Madeira wine is generally heated in any form and it gives many different flavors such as Caramel, Walnut Oil, Peach, Hazelnut, OrangeRead More
Tannins in Wine
  a) The Soil & Sunlight   b) The Skins, Stems, Seeds of the grapes   c) Alcohol   Answer:  b) The Skins, Stems, Seeds of the grapes   Tannins? Generally, the Tannins in wine can be obtained from two sources that can be from grape or wood. It’s a kind of textural element or we can say extract from the skin, seeds, & stems of the wine grape that transforms the flavor of wineRead More
BBQ wines
  We’re lucky enough here in the UK to get the occasional heat wave – really as soon as the summer holidays have begun and the sun hints at coming out behind the clouds, we’re out in the gardens in full force, lighting up the barbecue. But there’s that eternal question: what wines to serve up with grill-side? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.     Grenache Light to medium bodied andRead More
which country is the term “Gran Reserva” most associated with
a) Argentina b) Italy c) Spain d) France Answer c) Spain  Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva are the terms that indicate the aging duration of the wine. A Crianza is estimated to age for a year in the oak barrels. The Reserva is aged for a minimum of one year in the barrel and three years in the bottle. The Gran Reserva is aged two years in barrel and three years in a bottle.  Read More

Pairings for Thai Food

Thinking a cheeky Thai take-out for dinner tonight? Wondering what to drink with it? Never fear – there’s a wine for that!     With the many wonderful exotic flavours found in Thai cuisine, pairing may seem like a bit of a challenge. Whether it’s a dash of heat from chillies, the lovely sweetness of coconut milk, or the melange of spices, you can be rest assured that there are some delicious drinking options availableRead More