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Wine Time is Fun Time!

  Wine is an exotic drink that is entertaining, social yet complex. Most of us love to add wine in our meal to enhance the flavor of the food and experience of the meal. When it comes to a get-together, party, business meet, anniversary and other important occasions, wine adds more pleasure and enjoyment. Therefore, it has become a favorable and popular choice among people in all walks of life.   Excitement is one of

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3 Best Wine Hangover Remedies

  A severe headache brings a screeching halt to an enjoyable day. Even your wine app can’t tell you which wine will bring headache and which one won’t because it completely depends upon the dosage. Before you go over potential cures, there is some common misconception regarding wine headaches that should be cleared.   Drink ample of water   When you drink alcohol, you are likely to pull water from every inch to help liver

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what is a stelvin

What Is A Stelvin?

  1.A wine opener 2.A special glass for port wine 3.A type of wine cap, commonly known as a screw cap 4.A wine expert like a sommelier   Answer) A type of wine cap, commonly known as a screw cap   Did you know approx 30% of the wines in the market are sealed with non-cork closures? There are plenty of wine bottle closures in the market that look classy and are aligned towards industrial

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Understanding the Flavors of White Wines

Do you know that the wine color indicates its flavors? From pale wines like Pinot Grigio to intensely colored varieties like Sauternes, the wine color tells a lot about its taste even before you smell it.   Light refracts through the wine   If your white wine sparkles with light shining through it then it tends to be light-bodied, low-acidic and young wine. On the contrary, if your wine casts a dim yellow hue when

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Enjoy a Scrumptious Meal with the Best food & Wine Pairing

When it comes to parties and celebrations, wine is an essential beverage that makes everyone say “cheers” with a blissful feeling.  Wine and food pairing is an art that is loved by most of the people.  It is very obvious that any party cannot be complete without food as well as wine as both wine and food have very important role to play in influencing the guests. Therefore, food and wine matching makes a great

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What Are The Grapes In Red Bordeaux Wine

  A. Cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, cabernet franc B. Merlot, carmenere, petit verdot and cabernet sauvignon C. Merlot, malbec and pinot noir D. Merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, petit verdot, carmenere and malbec     Answer) D. Merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, petit verdot, carmenere and malbec   Bordeaux is a scrumptious red wine made of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The primary flavors include black currant, plum, graphite, cedar ad violet. These are medium to full

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The New Weird World Of Wines Will Leave You Spellbound

  The definition of wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grape juice, other fruits or in the case of wine with rich starch. Here is a wine list to open your eyes to the possibilities of styles of wines in the crazy world, starting you off with some options that sound rather appealing, leading you up to others are straight up vom-in-your-mouth and downright wrong.   1. Strawberry Wine: It is the best

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Does the Cork Effect Wine Ageing?

  A cork is basically designed to cover the wine bottle but it has more meaning than just acts like a lid. With the availability of new materials that have been introduced in recent years, the known benefits of some alternative closures, there are different cases growing against the cork.   Cork bottle stoppers are made from tree bark. The tree is not completely cut down but only the bark is peeled off to make

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What does demi-sec tell you on a bottle of French wine

  Half cooked Medium dry Medium sweet Half dry   Answer B) Medium dry     Demi-sec is a French term use to indicate the dryness in still, sparkling wine or champagne. In still wines,a specific amount of residual sugar is left after fermentation. Demi-sec label sparkling wines are slightly to medium sweet and dry sparkling wines also known as brut and extra brut are the driest. To your surprise in still wines, demi-sec label

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Have the Best Experience at the Wine Festival

  A wine festival is a great way of enjoying the occasion. You become familiar with the sampled wines of the region and visit some of the great wineries. If you plan to attend the wine festival, there are plenty of things that you can do to make the most out of it. Bringing a bottle from a wine festival is always amazing but you can follow these tips to enjoy more.   Plan in

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Leather Tassel, Luggage tag for wine bottle

  When you have already spent so much on buying a wine bottle, you don’t want to break the bank on gift wrapping. There is always “Do it Yourself” affordable wrap that also makes the gift interesting for the receiver. A classic wrapping leave no room for surprise, so how much fun it would be to open? Oh, look it is a wine bottle. That’s what they say when you walk into the party with

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White Wines are Just as Good as Red Wines

  Wine lovers are proud to call themselves a wino. No open bottle in their home goes unfinished at their place. Although most of you may have a deep appreciation and love for craft beers and similar drinks but many prefer wine as the perfect beverage.   White wine fans raise your wine glasses. The grape skin contains high level of antioxidants that is beneficial for the health. The wine that provides the maximum amount

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5 Interesting Facts about Wine

    Did you ever try digging some interesting facts about wine? Well, if not, then here are some for you. Among various wine talks we have so far, this one will seem to be very amazing to you. Here, I am sharing some interesting which I come to know while surfing about wine over the web.   1. Do you know why red wine is red? Well because fermentation extracts color from the grapes

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How to Host Own Wine Tasting Party

  Wine tasting parties are great as they provide the perfect excuse to improve the wine intelligence having fun at the same time. When you host a party, the pressure of entertaining is alleviated drastically because everyone is quite focused on the tasting and anytime you may run out of things to say. Just take a sip of scuttle away to refill your glass. For novices, the idea of tasting all by yourself may feel

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Wine language can alternatively be technical or poetic. French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Portuguese language terms are all readily encountered, plus many more besides. It can be a lot to take in. Here are a few of the least understood terms according to surveys: bouquet, quaffable, terroir, herbaceous, and vegetal.     Bouquet typically refers to the smells resulting from the fermentation and ageing processes. Aroma is often used interchangeably with bouquet, but it actually

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