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Basic Wine & Cheese Pairings

Basic Wine & Cheese Pairings


Wine and cheese were practically made for each other. The richness of cheese goes beautifully with so many wines, particularly those with a nice bright acidity and even wines that are rather tannic as well. Whether you’re looking to choose a wine for a cheese plate when dining out or are planning a wine and cheese party at home, here are a few winning combinations to try out.

Cheese Made From Type Wine
Asiago Cow’s milk Semi-hard Prosecco/Zinfandel
Brie Cow’s milk Soft Pinot Noir
Burata Cow’s milk Soft Pinot Grigio
Camembert Cow’s milk Soft Chenin Blanc/Pinot Noir
Cheddar Cow’s milk Semi-hard Cabernet Sauvignon/Cab blend
Cheddar (aged) Cow’s milk Semi-hard Tempranillo
Chèvre Goat’s milk Soft Sauvignon Blanc
Gorgonzola Cow’s milk Blue Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer
Gouda Cow’s milk Semi-hard Cabernet Sauvignon
Manchego Sheep’s milk Semi-hard Garnacha
Pecorino Sheep’s milk Hard Sangiovese
Roquefort Sheep’s milk Blue Port
Stilton Cow’s milk Blue Late harvest dessert wine e.g. Sauternes

When choosing a wine, make sure to keep these few things in mind:


  • The age and intensity of the cheese. The more intense a cheese is, the bolder a wine you’ll need.
  • Salt and sweet go together beautifully.
  • Older cheese take to tannins well.
  • You can contrast the wine and cheese, for example asiago with Prosecco, or pair like with like, or bold with bold.
  • A high acid wines helps cleanse the palate.
  • You can also look to the region where a cheese comes from when deciding on what wine to drink alongside it. There’s the old rule ‘what grows together goes together.’

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