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The Wine Picker Team


Cremant describes which style of wine?

Quiz 8Sep


a. Sparkling
b. Fortified
c. Late harvest
d. Low alcohol
Answer) a) Sparkling
There is a range of amazing sparkling wines that gratify your desire for high quality bubbly which is Cremant. So what exactly is Cremant? It may sound like very expensive wine but it isn’t.
Ever thought of having a Champagne taste on a Beer budget?
The sparkling wine, Cremant sounds quite cool, isn’t it? Well, obviously it is. This sparkling wine gratifies your desire for high quality bubbly. Also, it utilizes labor intensive secondary bottle fermentation as in Champagne. There is a wide variety to choose from as this wine is made in 8 different appellations throughout France. Cremant ranges from fresh delicious northern style to fuller wines from southern Burgundy with grapes having greater ripeness. The cultivation and process are the traditional methods involved in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir dominating, Cremant depicts similarities to its Champagne neighbors. A few Cremant regions have their own rules when it comes to production but there exist a few common parameters as well in term of harvesting and aging. A variety of grapes makes Cremant interesting and unique.

Sometimes, strong variations in style during the wine making process make it challenging to pin down the regional identity. Cremant is something worth toasting! Download the most amazing wine app, WinePicker on your Android and iOS devices to enhance your wine experience.

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