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Lambrusco & Charcuterie – Made for Each Other

Lambrusco & Charcuterie – Made for Each Other

Lambrusco & Charcuterie article


We all love a charcuterie and cheese plate. It’s the perfect appetiser to kick off a meal, an excellent plate for sharing amongst a group or even between a couple.


Your standard option will often include Italian prosciutto or Spanish Jamon. These salted, fatty meats need something that complements the light sweetness of the cured meats. Enter Lambrusco, that lightly fizzy Italian red from Emilia Romagna. Coming in a range of dry to sweet, there’s a Lambrusco for virtually every type of charcuterie plate out there.


Lambrusco is a red grape made using the Charmat Method which preserves its pleasant fruity flavours (unlike the traditional method which is used to make high-end Champagne-style sparkling wines).


Have a selection of spicy soppressata or salami? Order amabile, the off-dry, slightly sweet version of Lambrusco. This gentle sweetness of the wine will take the edge off spicy meats while not being overwhelming. The same is true for a smoky chorizo or other grilled sausages. The lovely berry flavours inherent to Lambrusco are stunning with smokiness and the taste of caramelised meats. So don’t forget about Lambrusco next time you’re ordering a meat lover’s pizza.


What about pâté or terrine, those delicious spreads made from liver and spice? Reach for a secco or dry Lambrusco; the acidity in the wine will cut through the rich fattiness of a pâté. This style is also beautiful with pork rillettes spread over toast or lardo. Lardo is incredibly rich and these higher acid wines will help ensure your palate remains refreshed between bites.


Lambrusco is an easy-drinking option that is perfectly suited for summer. Whether you’re making your own charcuterie board and taking it to the park or sitting down to eat at your favourite local restaurant, a bottle of Lambrusco will take your dining experience to the next level!


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