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Is Old Wine Good for You?

  Ever thought if older wines are better for you? Is there a best wine app that will help you out on this? There are plenty of factors that go into the aging of wine. Firstly, most wines are made to be relished right away. They aren’t supposed to be laid down in a cellar to mature otherwise, they are assumed to get older and spoilt. Secondly, some of the finest and expensive vinos areRead More
  Thinking of picking up a bottle of wine for dinner tonight? The common assumption that old wine is expensive wine has held true. And while the prices are astronomical, they have been described as some of the best wines on the planet.   The wine has become defined by certain segments of society as Liquid Gold. More than a weeknight tipple or even a celebratory treat, wine has become a monetary status symbol thatRead More
  Like many others, you may have relished food and wine occasionally but ever realized what’s the difference between red and white wine? Perhaps you are new to wine or maybe you are simply curious about knowing the answer. Well, it is quite simple.   To be precise they are different because of tannins. Red wine incorporates higher amount of tannins whereas white wine has comparatively lesser. This has an impact not only on theRead More
  Everyone is busy with their hectic work schedule but once you get under the same roof with your loved ones, everything else simply melts away. You would definitely love the homecoming and traditions, especially during holidays. Who doesn’t love savoring cookies by the chimney, listening soothing music or watching a movie together, all this makes it worthwhile. When you talk about celebrations, wine is the first thing that strikes your mind. Wine is aRead More
    No place in the universe offers joy as much as wine shops. Who will understand this better than a wine lover? The optimistic thought of getting something great is tempered by the pessimist yang of getting ripped. What to buy and how to buy?   This may somehow sound dramatic to most of you but wine lovers definitely understand how difficult it is to select a wine from a shop that runs thousandsRead More
You bought those wine bottles because they were on sale and now wondering what to do with them? We’ve got the answer. Everyone has those extra bottles that you don’t plan to drink rightaway. Whether you bought it yourself or received as a special gift from someone, looking after them is important. If you plan to store them, do it at the drop of a hat. Ever observed how wine is stored under bond inRead More
Enjoy Wine, Everything Will Be Fine You can appreciate a bottle of wine only if you sharpen your senses and focus on the message every wine bottle delivers. This evaluation is easy to follow and practice enables us to savor the best vino. The three simple wine tasting steps include: see, smell and taste.   SEE   Observe the details of its color   Tilt the glass until the wine approaches the glass rim. CrystalRead More
Picking up the best wine is a daunting task for many. You always prefer selecting the one that is less popular but good in taste. However, it is worth considering the wisdom of crowd when you are planning to choose something that is liked by all. If wine lovers like a particular kind of wine, it is certainly going to be a crowd pleaser at any party.   To lend you a hand in pickingRead More
Wine is sunlight, held together by water! You can experience the travel machine in a bottle   The good quality wine possesses the ability to transport you to the time they were made. For this reason, wine is considered as one of those few agricultural products that disclose its surroundings. Although, this doesn’t apply to all wines. Some wines remove all hints related to their origin. Wine drinkers can easily differentiate the difference between goodRead More
  If you are still pairing your fish with white wine and your meat with red, you are missing out on all the fun. Experimenting is part of the fun, so forget about those hard and fast wine pairing rules and use the wine app to get the exciting pair of food and wine.   The importance of pairing wine with food is always overlooked but trust me, it is imperative. Food and wine pairingRead More
Roses are red so is wine, refill your glass and you will be fine!   Red wine has already been proved to be one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks. This is not the first time that resveratrol has been claimed to be a super health booster. Ancient doctors used it in medical practices to cure patients. Raspberries, gooseberries, figs, and raisins are the sources of red wine. All these sources lend their properties to wine,Read More

Wine Storage

Ageing and cellaring wine for later enjoyment can be extremely rewarding if one has the patience. Whether you are laying down young wine, saving a special bottle or looking to build a wine library, it is imperative to properly store your wine. Failing to do so can lead to all sorts of problems such as oxidation or other spoilage that can utterly ruin bottles you were hoping to age. Using proper storage for your wineRead More
Wine making process has been around for thousands of years. Although the process is natural, still it requires little human intervention. In general, wine making process involves 5 basic steps namely harvesting, crushing, fermentation, clarification, aging & bottling. Wine processing typically follows the above-mentioned steps but wine manufacturers keep adding variations to make it an inimitable one.   1.Harvesting   The initial step is crucial for ensuring delicious wine. Grapes are the fundamental element ofRead More
  Who doesn’t know that a glass of wine is the best way to de-stress? The good news is that a number of health benefits also come along while you sip-in vino and one of them are slimming your waistline. Let’s break it down. So here are some tangible reasons why people who unwind themselves with a glass of wine are the happiest ones:   Wine lovers celebrate little things in life: –   YouRead More
Take Advantage of Smart Features of the Wine App to Enhance Your Dinning
Special occasions like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries seem incomplete without the delightful flavours of the wine. Wine is not just about great taste but there are various health benefits associated with it. Moreover, wine has been an important part of the culture of many countries. It is a drink which is loved by people of all ages. Sipping a glass of wine while sitting with your friends really gives a royal feeling. The pleasure becomesRead More