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Wine pairing
A little glass of wine has the power to revive us  and to make us feel on the ninth cloud.  The wine has nothing to do with the age, the older you get, the better you like it.  It’s always the old friends and the wine that is your life longing companions.   It’s not on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Wine is something that you love to enjoy everyday moreover, with every meal.  English men oftenRead More
Food and Wine Match
Does food and wine pairing matters? The answer depends on how you perceive food and which wine you love the most. The food and wine pairing depends on an individual. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that some cuisines pair better with certain wines. Once you discover the perfect match, you will definitely relish your platter. Earlier, it was comparatively simple to make a choice between wines as there were merely two options-red or white. Today winesRead More
Food and Wine Pairing
FOOD! This is the word that automatically brings water into our mouth and makes us taste our favorite dish.  Only a true foodie can understand the real importance of every dish and feel the taste of each of its ingredients.  Not only food, there are many who love to add wine to their taste and enjoy the perfect balance.  To take pleasure of every bite of your food and the sip of your wine, itRead More
Food and Wine Matching
Most of us crave for wine, but not knowing what actually it is? In general, it is said that wine is an alcoholic beverage made with fermented grapes. Don’t you think it sounds pretty outdated? Everyone knows it is made of fermentation, then what’s special there? But today’s generation does not think like this. They are very much aware of the diversity of drinks and have a profound perception of taste. Let’s discuss now theRead More
Da big bottle
Wine Picker is our upcoming wine app which will help you select the best wine in a restaurant, something pretty cool. So be the first one to try it by registering online on If you invite your friends you can even get “Da big bottle” of Tattinger Compte de Champagne.Read More
Wine Picker EURO16 Croatia VS Portugal
This evening should show quite an interesting game between a pumped up Croatian team, unexpectedly heading their group stages after beating Spain. And a Portuguese team who struggled but played a thrilling game against Hungary. But prognostics aside, what shall you drink to support your team? Portugal has been through tough times and many doubts, so first play it easy and safe with an excellent Vinho Verde, generally crisp and refreshing it will be perfectRead More
Wine Picker wine Euro 2016 Russia England
Tonight England vs Russia two nations who love their booze, so plenty of options there if you do not fancy to drink Danish beer @carlsberg  @0.5%abv @7euros at the stadium @EURO2016 @UEFAEURO England: If you support England, what can you drink except beer, really you do make some great sparkling wine here, almost affordable but we are talking about English football. So be proud and drink English Beer from large to small sizes breweries. Bass TheRead More
Wine Picker France Romania pick
Euro 2016 is at the door and still unsure what do drink? Of course you could go for beer and peanut but what about supporting your country in style? Follow Wine Picker advice enjoy the best of your country! Tonight France Vs Romania France: It will be 9pm in France so you will need something to overtake the smell of Baguettes, Saucisson and Cheese. The “E. Guigal cotes du Rhone” will do a great jobRead More
Fields winepicker restaurant
Whaoo these were the first words coming out of my mouth after exiting Field. I’ve seen quite a few restaurants and tried tasting menus from various countries and styles, but this was quite an experience. The 2.5 hours journey across the Scandinavian and Czech country side is built around an amazing suite of very well prepared dishes, all playing with your sense and perceptions. Of course they understood that you might get thirsty on thatRead More
Brigade Restaurant
I generally don’t write about restaurants as they are already many people doing an excellent job, but Brigade is no ordinary restaurant. Of course, you might eyeball the menu and pictures and think that I must be crazy, there is nothing special about this place. Ok it serves well-prepared bistro style food, the layout is good and you don’t feel like in a school canteen, the wine is great and fairly priced (I enjoyed aRead More
Food pairing wine with Asian food
Maybe you’re hosting the big sales meeting at work and showing you’re a regular person and you’ve invited everyone back to your pad.  Maybe it’s a second date, and maybe the target of your affections has chosen to come up to your flat.  So they can see your etchings.  Perhaps if things have gone well for that sales meeting, it’s a mix of the two.  So you’re a busy person, with no time to cookRead More
Super heroes: wine picker bottle of red in restaurant
Drinking in France isn’t a sport like it is in the UK, and there isn’t a stigma attached to consistent. And although there is much similarity between France and Italy  in this area – a glass of wine during dinner is practically obligatory, and people rarely turn down a digestif/digestivo there’s something different and frankly, magical about the culture surrounding sitting down for a drink in France.Read More

Where Batman keeps his wine

In his Bat Cave of course! Jokes aside, everyone knows that wine can be aged. The real question is how do you age wine properly and how long do you age it for. Like all investments, wine needs to be cared for to improve its returns. Why not drink a good wine right away? Not all good wines should be drunk right away. A good example will be a full-bodied wine such as a Châteauneuf-du-PapeRead More

Happy new year 2016!

Some good news with the new year wishes, development is going well and the Wine Picker app should be available in 2016. Wine Picker – Jean Michel Grobouchon: the clipRead More