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Summer is slipping away and if you haven’t spent the past few months sipping rosé, now is the time to start. From the palest pink to the most vibrant shade of salmon, there’s a rosé out there for every palate. Provence in the south of France is probably the most famous region in Europe for rosé. The diversity of the terroir makes Provence a great spot for growing a wide scope of grape varieties. TheseRead More
Wine is one such thing without which any party seems incomplete. However, choosing the best wine as per the occasion can be a bit frustrating and tedious task, especially if you have no knowledge about the different types of wines available. With the advancement of technology, a number of wine apps have been developed to help people choose the best wine according to their taste and requirement. Not only these apps help in choosing theRead More

Non-Chianti Italian Wines

  Italy is home to the widest variety of native grape varieties in the world. Novices wine lovers know Chianti, Barolo and Amarone, but there are literally hundreds of options available to red drinkers looking to branch out of the norm. Here are a few Italian wines to try after you’ve binged on Chianti. Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG isn’t a grape but a region, made from a blend of two native Sicilian grapes. The fruity FrappatoRead More
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Which wine goes with that dish, of course, it is not completely that simple! There is nothing worse than having a get-together and nobody knows how to make a perfect food and wine pair. Sometimes a pair of simple beverages and cuisines is not enough for the guest. If you are planning an important dinner date or party and want to take care of every detail, the first thing to make an ideal pair ofRead More
Get Wine Tasting Notes Handy with WinePicker
Wine helps celebrate small accomplishments in life. There is nothing happier than complementing your meal with a bottle of wine. Moreover, it is considered a way to cultivate an attitude of loving life.   Wine is not just a drink; it is flavor to cherish for long!   Jessica Altieri has rightly said wine is just a conversation waiting to happen. Do you find food and wine pairing to be a daunting task? Well, forRead More
Pairing food and wine is no rocket science. You don’t have to confuse yourself while learning complicated techniques. The market is flooded with food and wine pairing apps that help you give proper guidance regarding the same. You can download the best wine app and utilize them anywhere, anytime. There are a few simple guidelines that will help you successfully make great food and wine matching.     Texture Matters Elements in your food canRead More
Most of us enjoy a good claret, but not everyone can afford spending the money on it regularly. Some good news: quality wine doesn’t need to come at a high price. If you love claret, look beyond Bordeaux to Southwest France. Southwest France is full of bargains for red and white lovers alike. Regions like Bergerac are perfect for Bordeaux-lovers on a budget, but there’s a host of other areas which are home to unique nativeRead More
Happiness Is Making A Good Food And Wine Pair!
The beating light, loud music, incessant cigarettes and delicious food with a perfect wine, this has been a common picture of celebrating. Party means fun! Every person goes to a party for a simple reason of having fun, few high-class shows on a stage, gourmet food in large quantities and the exciting choices of wine. Besides fun, another important thing is to have a proper knowledge of outstanding food and wine pairing for a bigRead More
Satisfy Your Craving With Perfect Food and Wine Match!
People always keep wondering about the best ways to combine food and wine. A perfect food and wine pair can create an unbeatable delicious dinner whereas a wrong pairing can ruin the whole dining experience. So, it is important for you to have proper information that will help you to choose the most suitable wine with the food of your choice. If you are hosting a dinner at your place, it is always better toRead More
food and wine pairing
Parties and celebrations are what people love to enjoy! Sometimes even though there is nothing to celebrate, but still people rejoice. There can be any reason for the party, but the important is to select and enjoy the right food and wine pairing in the party.  A perfect match of delicious cuisines and beverages can make your party the town’s best. To take a pleasure of perfect meal in the party, it is imperative toRead More
Food and Wine Pairing - Wine App
Sipping a glass of wine with your favourite cuisine invokes an imperial feeling. Food and wine pairing has been in trend since very old times. To add perfection to your meal, choosing a right pair of wine flavour and dish makes a great sense. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to make a good and balanced food and wine pair. Since it requires a kind of intuitive sense, therefore one needs to have properRead More
Food and Wine Pairing-Winepicker
When it comes to parties and celebrations, wine is an essential beverage that makes everyone say “cheers” with a blissful feeling.  Wine and food pairing is an art that is loved by most of the people.  It is very obvious that any party cannot be complete without food as well as wine as both wine and food have very important role to play in influencing the guests. Therefore, food and wine matching makes a greatRead More
Wine Tasting Notes
If you are a wine lover, then you must have surely tried the wine tasting activity. Wine tasting is really an interesting and fun filled activity which offers great passion to the wine enthusiasts for different types of wine. Undoubtedly, there are people who are good at memorizing tastes but most of us have fleeting memories. For this reason, wine tasting notes really make a meaningful sense.  Making wine tasting notes is a useful practiceRead More
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A little glass of wine has the power to revive us  and to make us feel on the ninth cloud.  The wine has nothing to do with the age, the older you get, the better you like it.  It’s always the old friends and the wine that is your life longing companions.   It’s not on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Wine is something that you love to enjoy everyday moreover, with every meal.  English men oftenRead More
Food and Wine Match
Does food and wine pairing matters? The answer depends on how you perceive food and which wine you love the most. The food and wine pairing depends on an individual. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that some cuisines pair better with certain wines. Once you discover the perfect match, you will definitely relish your platter. Earlier, it was comparatively simple to make a choice between wines as there were merely two options-red or white. Today winesRead More