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Red Wines for the Start of Autumn
  Red Wines for the Start of Autumn   The last days of summer are slipping away and the leaves are already beginning to turn. Autumn is here and as the days grow shorter and the weather starts to dip, it’s time to break out the bolder, spicy reds for those long, cold evenings. Here are a few of our favourites.   Rhone Reds   The crisp autumn air calls for something bright with aRead More
The Beginner's Guide to Viognier
  The Beginner’s Guide to Viognier   Viognier is a lovely, perfumed white grape that originally comes from the Rhone Valley in France. It is famous for being responsible for the wines of Condrieu. It’s an ancient grape that some experts believe date back to the times of Romans.   Not too long ago that Viognier was on the verge of extinction. Only a handful of hectares were planted worldwide. As a rather challenging grapeRead More

What is Savagnin?

a) The grape that makes Vin Jaune in the Jura   b) A minor region of the Loire Valley   c) A sweet wine made from Chenin Blanc   d) A synonym for Sauvignon Blanc   Answer: a) The grape that makes Vin Jaune in the Jura   Grown on the soils of blue or grey marl, the Savagnin is a sort of green-skinned berries rarely affected by noble rot. Savagnin is the key componentRead More
Cabernet Franc Wines
    All About Cabernet Franc   Cabernet Franc often plays second fiddle to Cabernet Sauvignon but it’s an important wine grape that deserves more appreciation. Read on to find out about this fantastic red wine, where it’s grown, and how it tastes.   Major Cabernet Franc Regions   The Loire Valley is a major Cab Franc region. Here it is one of the big reds and is the star of the likes of BourgeuilRead More
  a. Sparkling   b. Fortified   c. Late harvest   d. Low alcohol   Answer) a) Sparkling   There is a range of amazing sparkling wines that gratify your desire for high quality bubbly which is Cremant. So what exactly is Cremant? It may sound like very expensive wine but it isn’t.   Ever thought of having a Champagne taste on a Beer budget?   The sparkling wine, Cremant sounds quite cool, isn’t it?Read More
Guide to Greek wine grapes
    Greece is one of the most ancient wine producing regions in the world but has only recently caught the attention of wine lovers. In the modern era, Greek wine is only just experiencing a renaissance. We’ll take a brief look at some of the major grape varieties that are unique to Greece.   Assyrtiko   This ultra-acidic white grape is the best that Greece has to offer in the world of white wineRead More
Get Ready for Autumn with A Glass of Rioja
    Spanish Rioja is one of the most popular red wines in the UK. People can’t get enough of these brilliantly complex typically Tempranillo-based wines. What else goes into Rioja reds besides Tempranillo? Garnacha, Graciano, and Mazuelo. Working together, these grapes each play a part in how the final wine looks, adding acid, flavour, body, and alcohol, depending on the variety. Each producer has a different ‘recipe,’ but as mentioned above, more often thanRead More
White wines for the end of summer
    Refreshing Whites for the End of Summer   What better way to enjoy the last spell of summer with some gorgeous, refreshing, and naturally, delicious white wine? Sure, we could drink rosé all day, but sometimes there’s a need to switch things up and a cool glass of white is just the ticket. Try these next time you’re on a picnic, sitting on the patio of your favourite bistro, or at your localRead More
  a) Sherry   b) Lambrusco   c) Madeira   d) Hock   Answer) c) Madeira   The fortified wine available in sweet and dry styles is worth a try. It has derived its name from the island Madeira, a rock in the Atlantic Ocean. The unique flavor is due to the repeated heating process. The flavors comprise of roasted nuts, stewed fruit, caramel, and candy. A good wine app enhances your wine knowledge soRead More
A Guide to Gamay
  A Guide to Gamay   You’ll likely be most familiar with Gamay via the red wines of Beaujolais. But you’ll also find it in parts of the Loire Valley.   Pinot Noir lovers will appreciate Gamay – in fact, the two are related. Gamay is one of the many offspring of Pinot. Flavour-wise, it is full of pretty red fruits like cherry, raspberry, and currant, as well as red and purple flowers, a hintRead More
  a) If it is a young wine.   b) If you want to look impressive   c) If it is a wine that has thrown a sediment   d) To reduce the risk of attack by bottle weevil   Answer) c) If it is a wine that has thrown sediment   Want the red wine you recently bought to taste better? Go ahead and decant it. Most red wines need decanting so that theRead More
The Best Wine Pairings for Sushi
The Best Wine Pairings for Sushi   With the wide range of flavours you’ll encounter when eating sushi, finding a wine pairing to go with your meal might come across as being a real challenge. Fortunately, this isn’t the case although there are definitely some things to consider.   – Spice – whether this be from wasabi or a spicy sauce, you’ll want to keep the level of heat in mind. – Soya – salty lovesRead More
Basic Wine & Cheese Pairings
  Wine and cheese were practically made for each other. The richness of cheese goes beautifully with so many wines, particularly those with a nice bright acidity and even wines that are rather tannic as well. Whether you’re looking to choose a wine for a cheese plate when dining out or are planning a wine and cheese party at home, here are a few winning combinations to try out. Cheese Made From Type Wine AsiagoRead More

What is CAVA?

a) The French term for wine cellar   b) The cellar-master of Burgundy domaine   c) A word, meaning blend of different grapes   d) Sparkling wines made in Spain   Answer) (d) Sparkling wines made in Spain   Sounds interesting?  As a lot of people want to know about Cava in detail, whether it is Champagne? What is the difference between Cava and Champagne? Let’s find out what Cava is and what makes itRead More
Try these Sicilian Reds

Try These Sicilian Reds

Drink These Sicilian Reds   Sicily has been winning over wine lovers recently and it’s no wonder. With great values and positively delicious wines, it’s a brilliant region to check out for something a little different. This sunny Mediterranean island is home to food-friendly wines that are both versatile and incredibly affordable. Let’s take a look at some of its top reds, starting off with the major grape varieties.   Nero d’Avola   The ‘blackRead More