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All About Oak Barrels

All About Oak Barrels

All About Oak Barrels Oak barrels have been used for winemaking since the time of the Romans and continue to be the preferred wood for wine ageing today. Why oak? Oak is easy to shape into barrels, which is why it was originally the wood of choice by the ancients. They realised that when aged in oak, wine took on flavours from the wood, especially after it had been toasted, and thus became more complex.Read More
Grenache, A Beginner's Guide
  Grenache, A Beginner’s Guide Grenache is one of the most planted grapes in the world, more so than Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. It thrives in warmer climates and is found virtually everywhere there’s a bit of sunshine and dry, favourable growing conditions. Bright and full of red berry flavours, it’s either the main feature or at least a major component in some of the world’s best wines: Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Priorat, Barossa reds, and someRead More
Syrah - A Beginner's Guide
  Syrah – A Beginner’s Guide     Syrah originates from France where it has helped make the wines of the Rhone Valley famous worldwide. It makes up the much sought-after wines of Hermitage and Côte-Rôtie and is an integral ingredient in the blends of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. But Syrah has also become an international sensation, now found in other corners of the globe. In France, Syrah lovers will be thrilled to know that they can findRead More
What are Lees?
What are Lees? You may have heard of wine lees or a wine being aged sur lie and wondered just what exactly are lees? Today, we’ll take a look at what are wine lees and what they contribute to wine over time. In a nutshell, lees are the dead yeast cells leftover in the wine after the fermentation process has completed. Most winemakers will choose to rack the wine off these spent yeast cells priorRead More
Wine & Halloween Candy Pairing Guide
  Wine & Halloween Candy Pairing Guide Whether young or old, everyone loves Halloween. But one of the joys of being an adult is being able to enjoy Halloween sweets with a glass of wine. It’s a decadent and delicious way to treat yourself. A Few Guidelines When it comes to sweets, approach them the way you would any other dessert; choose a wine that is slightly sweeter than your treat. Look for shared flavoursRead More
A Look at Aromatic Grape Varieties
A Look at Aromatic Grape Varieties Have you ever found yourself at a bit of a loss when someone talks about ‘aromatic’ wines? We’re here to clear things up so you never get confused again. Aromatic wines are white wines which are incredibly fragrant due to the type of grape they are produced from. They can come from all sorts of climates – cool or warm and are notable for their intensity. They are oftenRead More
The Differences Between Left Bank and Right Bank Bordeaux
  The Differences Between Left Bank and Right Bank Bordeaux Bordeaux is famous for its wines the world over. They are some of the most sought-after wines by collectors and represent some of the greatest wines in the world. You may have heard about Right Bank versus Left Bank Bordeaux – so what’s the difference? It’s easier to figure out than you might think. The two sides are separated by the Gironde estuary and haveRead More
A Brief Introduction to Port

A Brief Introduction to Port

  A Brief Introduction to Port Port is delicious year-round but is extra nice once autumn and winter set in. It’s a perfect Christmas wine and is practically made for sipping whilst sitting around a cosy fire. What is Port anyway? A Portuguese fortified wine which has been made for hundreds of years and was “discovered” and made popular by two Englishmen during the 17th century. These English importers realised this tasty wine would doRead More
Guide to Sherry
    An Abbreviated Guide to Sherry Though not as popular as it once was, Sherry, that delicious fortified wine that comes from Southern Spain, is actually quite brilliant when it comes to food and wine pairings and much of it is far tastier than the stuff your nan drinks at Christmas. Sherry comes in a wide range of bone dry to sweet – just another factor that makes it so fab with food. SherryRead More
A Crash Course in Wine Serving Temperatures
A Crash Course in Wine Serving Temperatures Whether you’re drinking it yourself or pouring it out for friends, making sure your wine is served at the correct temperature is essential, more so even than proper glassware (though that’s important too). Anything less would be in poor taste. So what are proper serving temperatures for different styles of wine? Find out below. Proper Temperatures for Serving Wine Ice Wines, Late Harvest White Wine: 6-10 C Sparkling:Read More
White Wines for the Start of Autumn
    White Wines for the Start of Autumn Last week we talked about reds wines to pick up now that we’re getting into the autumn season. But just because the wind has taken on a distinctive chill doesn’t mean you need to stop drinking white wines. But as you’re likely to change the types of food you’re eating (from fresh or grilled dishes to more robust ones), you’ll want to tweak the style ofRead More
Can Wine Improve Your Memory?
    Can Wine Improve Your Memory? Is it possible that wine could have a beneficial effect on memory? Many recent studies seem to point towards this theory. But how? Today, we’ll check out just how wine might be able to improve the quality of your memory. One of the leading theories as to how wine can help improve memory is the fact that wine, red wine, in particular, contains antioxidants. The antioxidant which hasRead More
A Look at Major Sangiovese Regions
  A Look at Major Sangiovese Regions This Italian grape comes from the central part of the Boot. A red grape prized for its food-friendliness, complexity, and general appeal, it is one of the most planted varieties found in Italy. Here’s a look at some of the regions where it is most famous. Chianti This Tuscan region is well-known for its red wines based on Sangiovese. Traditionally, it was blended with other grapes, a factRead More
Red Wines for the Start of Autumn
  Red Wines for the Start of Autumn   The last days of summer are slipping away and the leaves are already beginning to turn. Autumn is here and as the days grow shorter and the weather starts to dip, it’s time to break out the bolder, spicy reds for those long, cold evenings. Here are a few of our favourites.   Rhone Reds   The crisp autumn air calls for something bright with aRead More
The Beginner's Guide to Viognier
  The Beginner’s Guide to Viognier   Viognier is a lovely, perfumed white grape that originally comes from the Rhone Valley in France. It is famous for being responsible for the wines of Condrieu. It’s an ancient grape that some experts believe date back to the times of Romans.   Not too long ago that Viognier was on the verge of extinction. Only a handful of hectares were planted worldwide. As a rather challenging grapeRead More