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Which of the following term describes part of the Champagne making Process?

Which of the following term describes part of the Champagne making Process?

a. Krugification


b. Disgorgement


c. Bubblification


d. Declassification


Answer) (b)Disgorgement


Ever heard the word-Disgorgement? Some of you may be familiar with the term and some might not be. Disgorgement is the process during champagne production where the dead yeast deposits because of the secondary fermentation in the bottle and is removed replacing the cork.


When the bottle is dipped in the frozen brine solution, it freezes the yeast particles forming an ice plug. The temporary cap is used to collect and remove the sediments or accumulation formed in the neck of the bottle. This bottle cap was placed when the bottle was filled before the maturation period. This cap is later removed allowing the pressure within the bottle to force the plug of dead yeast cells that gravity collected in the bottle neck. In this process a little amount of wine is loss so is topped with a mixture of wine and cane sugar. The sugar used completely depends on the required sweetness.


The disgorgement date when post fermentation yeast is expelled, the dosage is finally added and the bottle is sealed, this information details is sometimes conveyed to the drinkers. Proponents of the prolonged maturation period post-disgorgement believe that the oxidation brings nutty and toasty flavors in the champagne.


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