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The Differences Between Left Bank and Right Bank Bordeaux
  The Differences Between Left Bank and Right Bank Bordeaux Bordeaux is famous for its wines the world over. They are some of the most sought-after wines by collectors and represent some of the greatest wines in the world. You may have heard about Right Bank versus Left Bank Bordeaux – so what’s the difference? It’s easier to figure out than you might think. The two sides are separated by the Gironde estuary and haveRead More
A Brief Introduction to Port

A Brief Introduction to Port

  A Brief Introduction to Port Port is delicious year-round but is extra nice once autumn and winter set in. It’s a perfect Christmas wine and is practically made for sipping whilst sitting around a cosy fire. What is Port anyway? A Portuguese fortified wine which has been made for hundreds of years and was “discovered” and made popular by two Englishmen during the 17th century. These English importers realised this tasty wine would doRead More
Guide to Sherry
    An Abbreviated Guide to Sherry Though not as popular as it once was, Sherry, that delicious fortified wine that comes from Southern Spain, is actually quite brilliant when it comes to food and wine pairings and much of it is far tastier than the stuff your nan drinks at Christmas. Sherry comes in a wide range of bone dry to sweet – just another factor that makes it so fab with food. SherryRead More
A Crash Course in Wine Serving Temperatures
A Crash Course in Wine Serving Temperatures Whether you’re drinking it yourself or pouring it out for friends, making sure your wine is served at the correct temperature is essential, more so even than proper glassware (though that’s important too). Anything less would be in poor taste. So what are proper serving temperatures for different styles of wine? Find out below. Proper Temperatures for Serving Wine Ice Wines, Late Harvest White Wine: 6-10 C Sparkling:Read More
White Wines for the Start of Autumn
    White Wines for the Start of Autumn Last week we talked about reds wines to pick up now that we’re getting into the autumn season. But just because the wind has taken on a distinctive chill doesn’t mean you need to stop drinking white wines. But as you’re likely to change the types of food you’re eating (from fresh or grilled dishes to more robust ones), you’ll want to tweak the style ofRead More
Can Wine Improve Your Memory?
    Can Wine Improve Your Memory? Is it possible that wine could have a beneficial effect on memory? Many recent studies seem to point towards this theory. But how? Today, we’ll check out just how wine might be able to improve the quality of your memory. One of the leading theories as to how wine can help improve memory is the fact that wine, red wine, in particular, contains antioxidants. The antioxidant which hasRead More
A Look at Major Sangiovese Regions
  A Look at Major Sangiovese Regions This Italian grape comes from the central part of the Boot. A red grape prized for its food-friendliness, complexity, and general appeal, it is one of the most planted varieties found in Italy. Here’s a look at some of the regions where it is most famous. Chianti This Tuscan region is well-known for its red wines based on Sangiovese. Traditionally, it was blended with other grapes, a factRead More
Red Wines for the Start of Autumn
  Red Wines for the Start of Autumn   The last days of summer are slipping away and the leaves are already beginning to turn. Autumn is here and as the days grow shorter and the weather starts to dip, it’s time to break out the bolder, spicy reds for those long, cold evenings. Here are a few of our favourites.   Rhone Reds   The crisp autumn air calls for something bright with aRead More
The Beginner's Guide to Viognier
  The Beginner’s Guide to Viognier   Viognier is a lovely, perfumed white grape that originally comes from the Rhone Valley in France. It is famous for being responsible for the wines of Condrieu. It’s an ancient grape that some experts believe date back to the times of Romans.   Not too long ago that Viognier was on the verge of extinction. Only a handful of hectares were planted worldwide. As a rather challenging grapeRead More

What is Savagnin?

a) The grape that makes Vin Jaune in the Jura   b) A minor region of the Loire Valley   c) A sweet wine made from Chenin Blanc   d) A synonym for Sauvignon Blanc   Answer: a) The grape that makes Vin Jaune in the Jura   Grown on the soils of blue or grey marl, the Savagnin is a sort of green-skinned berries rarely affected by noble rot. Savagnin is the key componentRead More
Cabernet Franc Wines
    All About Cabernet Franc   Cabernet Franc often plays second fiddle to Cabernet Sauvignon but it’s an important wine grape that deserves more appreciation. Read on to find out about this fantastic red wine, where it’s grown, and how it tastes.   Major Cabernet Franc Regions   The Loire Valley is a major Cab Franc region. Here it is one of the big reds and is the star of the likes of BourgeuilRead More
  a. Sparkling   b. Fortified   c. Late harvest   d. Low alcohol   Answer) a) Sparkling   There is a range of amazing sparkling wines that gratify your desire for high quality bubbly which is Cremant. So what exactly is Cremant? It may sound like very expensive wine but it isn’t.   Ever thought of having a Champagne taste on a Beer budget?   The sparkling wine, Cremant sounds quite cool, isn’t it?Read More
Guide to Greek wine grapes
    Greece is one of the most ancient wine producing regions in the world but has only recently caught the attention of wine lovers. In the modern era, Greek wine is only just experiencing a renaissance. We’ll take a brief look at some of the major grape varieties that are unique to Greece.   Assyrtiko   This ultra-acidic white grape is the best that Greece has to offer in the world of white wineRead More
Get Ready for Autumn with A Glass of Rioja
    Spanish Rioja is one of the most popular red wines in the UK. People can’t get enough of these brilliantly complex typically Tempranillo-based wines. What else goes into Rioja reds besides Tempranillo? Garnacha, Graciano, and Mazuelo. Working together, these grapes each play a part in how the final wine looks, adding acid, flavour, body, and alcohol, depending on the variety. Each producer has a different ‘recipe,’ but as mentioned above, more often thanRead More
White wines for the end of summer
    Refreshing Whites for the End of Summer   What better way to enjoy the last spell of summer with some gorgeous, refreshing, and naturally, delicious white wine? Sure, we could drink rosé all day, but sometimes there’s a need to switch things up and a cool glass of white is just the ticket. Try these next time you’re on a picnic, sitting on the patio of your favourite bistro, or at your localRead More