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What Causes a Hangover?


  We’ve all fallen victim to overindulgence and woken up after a night of drinking too much with a terrible hangover. The headache, dodgy stomach, and general feeling of “I should probably just go back to bed…” seems ine...


An Intro to Wine Jargon: Part Two


  This week we’ll jump into part two of our series on wine jargon to help shed light on the language of wine. By adding these words to your wine vocabulary, you’ll not only be able to understand what your sommelier or wi...


The Top Wine Innovations to Check Out


  With all the new technology available, there have been many brilliant wine innovations released over the past several years. These inventions which range from the high-tech to the more humble but still incredibly clever, are revol...


How To Chill Wine In Minutes


  At some point in your life, you’ve probably found yourself with a room temperature bottle of white, rose or sparkling wine and thought, “How can I chill this on the quick?” No one wants to wait forty-five minutes to an hour ...


Wine & Weight Loss – Can It Be Done?


  There’s been a lot of chat about wine’s potential to help with weight loss in the media in recent years. While it almost sounds too good to be true, there’s a glimmer of hope for wine lovers who still want to kee...


Our Favourite Wine Pairings With Ice Cream


  Although it’s not a classic match, wine and ice cream is the ultimate indulgence. Believe it or not, these two can actually make a delicious pairing. Pairing wine and ice cream isn’t a difficult task at all as long as ...


What is Sediment in Wine?


  Ever taken a sip of wine only to find there are little crunchy bits at the bottom of your glass? Curious what they are? We’re here to explain! Those crunchy little solids are called sediment. Don’t worry, gulping them ...


Wine Lingo: What Are Pyrazines?


  Have you ever tried a wine and notice it tastes rather like pepper? Not black pepper mind you, but bell pepper or a mild jalapeno. There’s nothing wrong with your wine. This flavour comes from pyrazines. Pyrazines are compou...