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Barolo, a killer wine from Piedmont, is made of which grape ?

Barolo, a killer wine from Piedmont, is made of which grape ?

Barolo, a killer wine from Piedmont, is made of which grape

b. Dolcetto
c. The Barolo grape, duh!
d. Cabernet Sauvignon


Answer) Nebbiolo


Do you know there is another bold B on the block except Bordeaux and Burgundy that is as powerful and popular as these wines? We are talking about Barolo. The worth mentioning wine and just as appetizing, it is considered as one of the best when we talk about Italian reds. Are you familiar with it? Even if you are not, fret not; we will break down the biggest red of Piedmont for you.


This red wine is produced in the Piedmont region of Italy and is made from Nebbiolo. Further, Nebbiolo is a thin skinned grape, red in color that is highly acidic having tannins. In the region, it is the first one to undergo budbreak and last to be picked. The harvesting usually takes place in late October. Barolo is usually compared to other popular wines like Pinot Noirs of Burgundy because of its acidity. The translucent red wine having a delicate aroma refreshes your taste buds with its robust tannins. Initially, you feel the floral and light red fruit aromas are very light. When you taste, you will have a leathery experience that clasps inside your lips. Regardless of the tannins, it incorporates fruit flavors of cherry and raspberries having scrumptious aromas.


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