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The Best Wines with Mince Pie

The Best Wines with Mince Pie

The Best Wines with Mince Pie

The Best Wines with Mince Pie

The Best Wines with Mince Pie

When it comes to December, many of us have mince pies on the brain. These incredibly delicious, sweet mini pies with their perfectly baked crust and rich, decadent fillings are what December and the holidays are all about. The beauty of a mince pie is that they do in fact, pair particularly well with certain wines. It’s a brilliant way to finish off a meal and just enough of something sweet that it won’t make you feel too guilty the next day.


A glass of Port is perfect with a mince pie. You have options here – a fruity Ruby (like an LBV Port) or a glass of Tawny will do nicely. The dried fruit, nuttiness of a Tawny is particularly tasty with a mince pie, especially if your pies have nuts in them.



This Portuguese wine comes in a range of styles from dry to sweet and it’s the sweetest versions you’ll want to consider for your mince pie pairing problem. Look for either Bual or Malmsey on the label – these are the richest, most luscious styles and are ideal for drinking when you’re nibbling a mince pie.



The spicy sweet Sauternes which is full of dried fruit and ginger notes will be lovely with a mince pie. Other botrytis-affected dessert wines will also do the trick. Look to German beerenauslese or trockenbeerenauslese, Hungarian Tokaji, and Alsace SGN wines if you’d like other options.


Whatever you choose, just remember when it comes to sweet desserts, you’ll want to go even sweeter with your wine. It’s a winning combination!

If you’re stuck for wine pairings, always remember that Winepicker is here to help!


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