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Black pepper, plum and blackberry flavors describe which wine?

Black pepper, plum and blackberry flavors describe which wine?

a. Beaujolais


b. Shiraz


c. Pinot Grigio


Answer: Shiraz




In the world where bigger is better, Shiraz wine is the ideal choice. The delicious wine is darker than Cabernet Sauvignon containing the high amount of health-invigorating antioxidants. Blackberry, black pepper, plum, olive pepper, clove, vanilla, mint, chocolate, rosemary, cured meat are a few flavors of the appetizing wine.



What does it taste like?


Shiraz, better known as Syrah is responsible for some of the darkest full bodied red wine in the world.

The flavors vary from sweet blueberry to savory black olive. When you sip the wine, your mouth will be filled with a punch of flavors that tapers off having a spicy peppery note. Because of its unique taste, the wine is often blended with grapes adding more mid-palate like Cabernet Sauvignon to help make it more complete.


What about the food pairing?


With its unique full-bodied taste, the yummy wine pairs well with bold food items. Pair it with blue cheese burger or barbecue to bring subtle nuances in the wine.


Use herbs and Provence


Spice up your meal by adding a touch of herbs. The floral aroma of Herbs de Provence with lavender, fennel compliments your platter.


Soft cheese is better


Softer cheese is more suitable as the texture and earthy flavors absorb high tannins of the wine.  Go for Abbaye de Belloc to experience a mouthwatering meal.


Blending with Barbecue


The peppery spice flavor in Shiraz work wonders with barbecue. Mix meat with anise and clove to bring out the smoky flavors you will definitely fall in love with.


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