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The Canned Wine Revolution is Here!

The Canned Wine Revolution is Here!

Canned wine Revolution is Here!

Canned wine Revolution is Here!


The canned wine revolution is here. Slow to start, the production of wine in cans has really taken off over the last couple of years. Ultra convenient, much more travel friendly, and great for the beach or pool. It’s taking the wine world by storm. But is it any good or is it just a marketing ploy?


First Canned wines

One of the first canned wines to hit the market was Francis Coppola’s ‘Sophia’, a canned sparkling wine out of California. And what a novel idea! It made so much sense! The carbonated beverage was right at home in a sleek 187ml aluminum can. It was equivalent to one glass of wine but without the worry of it going flat. It was perfect for picnics, porch drinking, great for restaurants trying to tighten their margins and minimize waste, and was just downright delicious.


One of the first canned wines on the market was Francis Coppola’s "Sophia"
One of the first canned wines on the market was Francis Coppola’s “Sophia”

Other wineries jumped on board shortly thereafter, mostly with rose. It was a perfect go to for summer activities and the convenience of it was a huge perk. You could just throw it in your bag, almost as an afterthought. It was inconspicuous and took up much less space in the recycling bin than that big bulky glass bottle. Of course, they sold like hot cakes and by the time summer was in full swing you were fighting to get your hands on the last four pack at your local shop.


How to Pick a Canned Wine

 By last year there were hoards of wineries making everything from carbonic macerated gamay to chardonnay, in the small format 187ml can, in 500ml, and even a generous 12oz can. And folks are having a lot of fun with it! There are wine coolers, spritzers, ‘spiked’ sparkling water beverages, sparkling sakes, and radlers galore. It’s a fun way to augment branding for wineries and a great way to create some buzz for those that otherwise get overlooked.


Canned wine comes in various sizes:small format 187ml can, in 500ml, and even a generous 12oz can.
Canned wine can be found in small format 187ml can, in 500ml,
and even a generous 12oz can.

Quality was one of the biggest worries early on. Was it just a cheap ploy to gain attention and pad pockets? Was the convenience really the only draw? In short, yes, sometimes. Like everything else there are plenty of subpar options. Most of what you’ll find floating around a supermarket, the high production wines from big name wineries probably aren’t going to be the best option. But, there are plenty of quite reputable wineries throwing their hats in the ring. The easiest way to tell the difference? Stick to your local wine shop rather than the big box stores until you know what you like. Do some research (the internet is an amazing place after all) and learn what your options are locally.


Pairing canned wine is not more complicated then its bottled brother; same rules apply. However, if you are at the beginning of your wine journey,  you can use food and wine pairing app Wine Picker, that will help to choose the best wine matching your food and budget.


]Canned wine is an ideal mobile option for a picnic
Canned wine is an ideal mobile option for a picnic

Quality aside, some people argue that wine in a can is just simply sacrilege. Much like the backlash when screw caps started to take hold, there are people out there of the option that a can cheapens the experience. It takes the romance out of it, the ritual. Wine is afterall the ultimate of elevated beverages. There’s an entire market out there just for glasses suited specifically to each type. You wouldn’t drink a glass of champagne out of can!


But, there will always be an occasion to have wine more casually. Maybe you’re headed to the beach for a day and the idea of packing glasses and bulky glass bottle just isn’t something you had in mind. The convenience does matter. And what’s the point if not to enjoy it? So, if you find something you like, go for it! Drink that canned wine!


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