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What would you drink if you were living in Medieval Europe?

    Wine has a long, long history dating back to ancients time, but, it was during the Middle Ages that our beloved drink became so important in Europe.    It was used as a multi-purpose beverage; not only with food but also for medicinal, political and liturgical purposes. It […]

What happens to the bad grapes of the big Bordeaux wine brands like Chateau Margaux?

  Ever heard about Chateau Margaux, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Latour, Chateau Palmer?   Ok, that was a rhetorical question: of course, you have! Everybody knows that these names are among the most famous and expensive wines from the French region of Bordeaux.   What most people don’t know, is […]

3 Stories Hidden Behind Cool Wine Labels Seen On London Wine Fair 2019

  You know for sure that the suit doesn’t make the man.   But when we are talking about wine labels, how much power do they have to influence our decisions?   Obviously, there is a whole load of technical stuff reported on the label that plays an important role, […]

What are the best wine cocktails you should try this summer?

    Remember when, a few weeks ago, we spoke about the unacceptable things to do with wine?   Some wine purists may think wine cocktails should be on that list.   Well, I don’t and, now and then, I don’t mind a wine cocktail and I believe that wine […]

How to pair your favourite dished of Mexican cuisine from Chilango with wine?

    Beside being a wine lover, I am a food lover and a passionate traveler and, wherever I go, I like to eat local.   One of my favourite cuisine is the Mexican one. Maybe because I’ve visited Mexico so many times…maybe because I am a huge avocado fan, […]