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wine etiquette: what is the traditional way to pour wine and why do people check the cork during a wine service?

    There you are, sitting at your table at the restaurant, waiting for your wine. The sommelier arrives; he shows you the bottle of your choice and then starts a series of little moves before you can actually enjoy your bottle. I guess you have often wondered what is […]


    Besides the pleasure that it can produce, wine is a complex product, and judging its quality is not easy, even for those working in the wine business. Many industry experts express their judgment in numerical rating systems, and even if this may sound harsh or unromantic and somehow […]

Does wine get better with age and how to pick a bottle to store for the next 15 years?

    I am pretty sure that most of you, at least once in your life, will have thought to buy a wine to keep in the cellar for a few years and then open to celebrate a special event; a bottle from the year when your son/daughter was born […]

    Following our last post about red grape varieties and how knowing them can help us in choosing the right bottle, we thought it would have been fair to have a look at white grapes as well. Indeed, white wines can offer an equal extensive array of textures and […]

Red wine for beginners: how to choose the right bottle?

  Are you a shy and insecure red wine drinker? Would you like to understand a bit more about the ampelographic complexity of red wines in order to better choose your next bottle? You are in the right place. Today’s post will give you some introductory hints on some of […]

Best Way to Buy Wine: 5 Practical Tips:

  If you are on this page, I assume you are a wine passionate. Maybe you’d like to understand a bit more about the oenological world, probably you are curious about the immeasurable infinity of natural wine variety or maybe you simply like to reward yourself with a nice bottle […]

    It’s time to clarify one of the most controversial topics in the wine business that probably most consumers do not fully understand: sulphites. Why on wine labels we find the note “contains sulphites”? What are wine sulphites? Why are they used in oenology? And, are they dangerous for […]

HOW TO PAIR WORLD TRADITIONAL NEW YEAR’S EVE FOODS WITH WINE? Mosy popular new years eve meals and wine match

  Only a few days are left before the end of 2018 and the most sparkling dinner of the year that will usher us in 2019, so to tease your palates, we would like to propose you a little trip around the world based on traditional New Year’s Eve dishes […]