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What is Wine Frauds and how to spot it?

  As sad as it is for us wine-lovers, wine can be adulterated.   This is not a new thing. Most of the recent wine frauds are actually concerning the black market where cheap wines are relabeled and sold for a much higher price.   However, until, approximately 50 years […]

I cannot tell you how many times a week I get asked that question. Everything from Chardonnay to rosé:  ‘Which of your rosés is the least sweet?’ While I’m generally very patient about people’s wine ignorance, this question has come to drive me absolutely crazy over the years. There seems […]

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Not because I necessarily buy the whole Pilgrims and Native Americans breaking bread together story but because of what it meant in my immediate circles.   When I was a child Thanksgiving meant that I got to see all of my […]

  I’ve been having this argument with a friend of mine for weeks. Does the type of glassware you use for wine really matter? Personally, I threw the rules on that one out the window years ago. While, in a restaurant or tasting setting, or even if I just drop […]


  Good taste, it turns out, is a bit of a double edged sword. On one hand it means that you get to savor some of the best things in the world. On the other it usually comes with a pretty big price tag. As much as I’d love to […]

Boxed wine can be a great practical alternative

  The first time I met a box of wine I was in college: a box of Franzia ‘Chablis.’ It sounded fancy and French but, mostly It was cheap and had 4 bottles of worth of wine in it. It was a poor college kid’s dream come true! It became […]

Is Expensive Wine Worth It?

  Wine has become available to most of the world at a variety of price points. There’s the bottle you pick up at the market or corner store to sip while you’re cooking and use to deglaze your pan, the Wednesday night bottle that you have with dinner at home, […]

An Introduction to non grape wines

  We’ve all seen it before; that brightly labeled bottle with a bouquet of strawberries on it peeking out at you on the wine shelves. But on second glance you realize it’s not really wine per sec but a fruit wine. Well, yes, grapes are a fruit too, but this […]