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Top 9 worst things you can do with your wine.

  Or a things that a dedicated wine lover will not do.   Wine is synonymous with joy and sharing, but it is also a very serious thing to manage.   A misstep can compromise the quality of the drink and can become a big lapse in style. There are […]

Who Is “Dr L”: Top 5 Most Influential People Who Changed The Wine Industry

    The wine industry is made of passionate men and women: some of them have had a strategic role anticipating the development of knowledge and progress and have had the courage to change the wine industry through their forward thinking. Being a wine app, we have to pay a […]

      Being a wine professional and, above all, a wine lover, I often receive wine gadgets or wine related products as a present from friends. And, I need to admit it: I am always extremely curious about wine accessories, but, often these presents are pretty useless stuff and […]

wine etiquette: what is the traditional way to pour wine and why do people check the cork during a wine service?

    There you are, sitting at your table at the restaurant, waiting for your wine. The sommelier arrives; he shows you the bottle of your choice and then starts a series of little moves before you can actually enjoy your bottle. I guess you have often wondered what is […]


    Besides the pleasure that it can produce, wine is a complex product, and judging its quality is not easy, even for those working in the wine business. Many industry experts express their judgment in numerical rating systems, and even if this may sound harsh or unromantic and somehow […]