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Buying Wine as a Gift This Holiday Season   Buying wine for friends or family can be a bit of a tricky one, but always makes for a well-received gift that can be enjoyed in the moment or several years down the line. Red wines always go over well. These […]

  How to Bring Wine to a Holiday Party Now that the holiday season is here, most of us will be flitting around like the social butterflies we are, going from one holiday party to the next, and attending delicious dinners in between. Rule number one for the season is […]

  Wine & Halloween Candy Pairing Guide Whether young or old, everyone loves Halloween. But one of the joys of being an adult is being able to enjoy Halloween sweets with a glass of wine. It’s a decadent and delicious way to treat yourself. A Few Guidelines When it comes […]

  Whether you’re drinking it yourself or pouring it out for friends, making sure your wine is served at the correct temperature is essential, more so even than proper glassware (though that’s important too). Anything less would be in poor taste. So what are proper serving temperatures for different styles […]

    Can Wine Improve Your Memory? Is it possible that wine could have a beneficial effect on memory? Many recent studies seem to point towards this theory. But how? Today, we’ll check out just how wine might be able to improve the quality of your memory. One of the […]

    The world of wine is full of so many choices, but often we find ourselves gravitating towards certain styles. Everyone has a favourite wine, but what does your favourite wine say about you? Here are a few popular grape varieties that are loved the world over, and what […]

If there’s one thing we’ve known since the dawn of man, it’s that wine is good for you. Naturally, we should employ moderation but let’s face facts. Going back to Antiquity, wine has been used as a medicine, a health tonic to help heal all manner of diseases, treat wounds, […]

What does demi-sec tell you on a bottle of French wine and how is that connected to wine sweetness

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had someone come into a shop or restaurant where I’ve been working over the years and ordered a bottle of extra dry bubbly with the assumption that it was going to, in fact, be more dry than a bottle labeled ‘brut.’ […]