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    Pink-berried Gewürztraminer is highly under appreciated. It produces some of the most wildly aromatic white wines available. In German, ‘gewürz’ means spice, referring to the grape’s natural spicy aromas and flavours. Ginger, cardamom and allspice are all common in a glass of Gewürztraminer, especially those from France’s Alsace […]

Pinot Noir has long been the darling of wine lovers. It’s an easy drinking grape that can produce some of the world’s greatest and most expensive wines. Native to Burgundy, this is where the classic expressions of Pinot are produced. But today, the thin-skinned red grape is found absolutely everywhere. […]

If you are a wine lover then you certainly must have nailed it. Isn’t it? Others probably never noticed how many glasses are poured. You just pour wine into your wine glasses until you decide that this is the right amount and you go ahead and enjoy the drink. If […]

    As we slip into winter, the cold demands we drink wines with a bit more weight to them. A hearty red is perfect for warming up after braving the elements and is wonderful with much of the winter fare we love to enjoy.     Cabernet Sauvignons and […]

  The holiday season is fast approaching and for many of us, that means just one thing: sparkling wines. The cheery slew of parties, dinners, and gatherings that are just around the corner means you should consider starting to plan what to bring round. Buying wine for others can be […]