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Which white wines are usually a little sweet?

    You may be surprised but, one of the most common comments I hear among people approaching wine is that they do not drink a certain kind. A lot of my girlfriends, for example, don’t drink reds, many people don’t like dessert wines or can’t understand rosés, others find […]

I cannot tell you how many times a week I get asked that question. Everything from Chardonnay to rosé:  ‘Which of your rosés is the least sweet?’ While I’m generally very patient about people’s wine ignorance, this question has come to drive me absolutely crazy over the years. There seems […]

  Riesling is a brilliant food wine, but one that some wine drinkers tend to avoid. There’s a common belief out there that all Rieslings are sweet and because of this, many people avoid ordering a glass of Riesling when they’re dining out. It’s a pity really, as these people […]

  Ice wines are a luxurious treat for wine lovers with a sweet tooth. Though a rarer and slightly more expensive style of wine, they’re worth seeking out.     What is Ice wine? Ice wine is a form of late harvest wine. Grapes aren’t affected by the botrytis cinerea […]

  Muscat, A Beginner’s Guide   An aromatic grape that has been around since antiquity. It has many clones, red, white, and even pink and is found all over the world. It’s most famous as a sweet wine, and these luxurious dessert wines crop up in places like Greece, France, […]