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Rueda wines come from which country

a. Romania   b. Portugal   c.Spain   d. Italy Answer) c) Spain   Spain is known for producing some of the most amazing wines along with a plethora of exotic agricultural products. Looking for classic white wine without sacrificing quality and without burning a hole in your pocket can […]

Barolo, a killer wine from Piedmont, is made of which grape

a.Nebbiolo b. Dolcetto c. The Barolo grape, duh! d. Cabernet Sauvignon   Answer) Nebbiolo   Do you know there is another bold B on the block except Bordeaux and Burgundy that is as powerful and popular as these wines? We are talking about Barolo. The worth mentioning wine and just […]

  Time to boost up your knowledge – its Tuesday Quiz Time! And today question is: The legislation that governs the sale of alcoholic beverages is called:   a) Alcohol Control b) Dram Shop c) Administrative Liquor Law d) Consumption Statutes   The correct answer will be published on Friday, […]

  Ladies and Gentlmen, it`s Quiz Time! And today question is: the famous French wine Chablis is made from which grape variety? a) Sauvignon Blanc b) Chenin Blanc c) Pinot Blanc d) Chardonnay e) Viognier The right answer will be published on Friday! Meanwhile check Wine Picker for the best […]

Sauvignon Blanc

  Think Pinot Noir?  Sauvignon Blanc ,Chardonnay or even Merlot?   Sauvignon Blanc is the most beloved wine in every British town, city, and county. The second people’s favorite wine to top the list is Chardonnay.   Sauvignon Blanc means wild white and is one of the most widely planted wine […]