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When it comes to December, many of us have mince pies on the brain. These incredibly delicious, sweet mini pies with their perfectly baked crust and rich, decadent fillings are what December and the holidays are all about. The beauty of a mince pie is that they do in fact, […]

  Places to have Champagne Where You Won’t Receive a Call From Your Bank   It’s December and Christmas is officially upon us. We’ve seen the first snow, the kids have sent their letters to Santa, and we’re all starting to realise that our Christmas expenses are snowballing! But December […]

Drink More Zinfandel November 19th was National Zinfandel Day and what better excuse do you need to start drinking more of this brilliant wine? Full of ripe dark berry fruits and smooth tannins, this easy drinking wine is perfect for the season. Robust flavours yet balanced with elegance, Zinfandel is […]

  A Quick Look at Carménère Carménère was thought to be extinct but it turned out not to be the case. Chile made the grape famous after it was rediscovered in Chilean vineyards. It has become the star grape of Chile and what the country is known for (along with its […]

  The third Thursday of November means one thing: this year’s release of Beaujolais Nouveau is officially here! This vibrant, fruity, easy drinking wine is made from the Gamay grape and comes from the region of Beaujolais, just to the south of Burgundy. It goes through a brief fermentation just […]

The Spanish Tempranillo grape is responsible for the reds of Rioja and Ribera del Duero, long-lived reds which are great with food or enjoying on their own.   Tempranillo in Wine Making Tempranillo is frequently blended with other varieties like Grenache, called Garnacha in Spain, Carignan, and Graciano. International varieties […]

All About Oak Barrels Oak barrels have been used for winemaking since the time of the Romans and continue to be the preferred wood for wine ageing today. Why oak? Oak is easy to shape into barrels, which is why it was originally the wood of choice by the ancients. […]

Grenache is one of the most planted grapes in the world, more so than Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. It thrives in warmer climates and is found virtually everywhere there’s a bit of sunshine and dry, favourable growing conditions. Bright and full of red berry flavours, it’s either the main […]