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The wine industry loves to talk about aging and collecting wine because having a sip of a really old wine has a romantic allure. Ever wonder if the bottle of wine you bought should be opened tonight or best left to age for a couple of years.   Most of […]

    As we slip into winter, the cold demands we drink wines with a bit more weight to them. A hearty red is perfect for warming up after braving the elements and is wonderful with much of the winter fare we love to enjoy.     Cabernet Sauvignons and […]


    You guessed this one, it’s easy: Red wine is higher in alcohol and more concentrated!   But, wait a second, what about Sauternes or even Trockenbeerenauslese, they have very high sugar content and as we all know sugar = calories. Hum, yes you guessed it the right, answer […]


  Wine food pairing preferences are very individual. However, it is undeniable that certain food groups simply pair between with certain wines types. And when you discover that near perfect match, it truly does enhance both your food and your wine experience.   Do Food and Wine Matching really matter […]

  The holiday season is fast approaching and for many of us, that means just one thing: sparkling wines. The cheery slew of parties, dinners, and gatherings that are just around the corner means you should consider starting to plan what to bring round. Buying wine for others can be […]