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The night after!

Although you might get lucky, sabering champagne is not as easy as it looks so don’t waste your iPhone: Tech Insider – Saber Champagne Bottle with iPhone Wine Picker – Jean Michel Grobouchon: the clip

You hear a lot about migration these days people and things crossing the channel to the UK from Europe. But perhaps one of the most surprising invasions is wine, yes slowly we Brits are switching our traditional pints of foaming ale for a chilled Chardonnay or robust Rioja. What Napoleon […]

Start A Day With Smile And Finish With Wine!

Fun, excitement, surprises, treasures hunt, crazy dance, stage shows and much more things complete a party. People don’t need any strong reasons to celebrate; they simply want to have fun and enjoy the party!   Sure, anyone can throw a party. Place some chips, turn on the radio, have some beer […]