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What is the difference between the Body, Length, Complexity and Balance of wine?

      When we read a wine rating or we describe a wine to a friend, vocabulary has a strategic role. It becomes a common code and it allows us to identify some peculiar characteristics and to imagine the wine without tasting it.   But, with all the factors […]

Top 5 technical wine words used by experts that people struggle to understand

    If you are on this blog, you obviously like to read about wine. And I am sure that you think that sometimes wine writers tend to use technical terms that are difficult to understand.   Well, I am here to help!   Far be it from me to […]

Finding the best quality Italian wine: how do italian wine labels help?

  Labels are a powerful tool and can give us key elements to understand wines even before opening the bottle. This is why I firmly believe that anyone approaching this world should have at least some basic knowledge on how to read a label.   So, after talking about Spanish […]

  Even with some basic knowledge of Spanish, to me, one of the most difficult thing, when choosing a Spanish wine, is to extricate among their labels and Spanish wine classification system. Vino de Mesa, Denominaci√≥n de Origen, Joven, Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva are difficult words to memorize and […]

What Does Bordeaux Blend Mean and How is linked to Meritage?

    On our last post, we wrote about wine blends and we quickly described some popular ones, leaving you with the unfinished subject of the most famous of all, the red Bordeaux one.     WHAT IS THE BORDEAUX BLEND?   This blend was created centuries ago in the […]

Discover what is blending and what are Rhone and Champagne blends made of?

    As a wine lover, you may have often heard of¬†“wine blends”, but how much do you exactly know about them? Are you aware, for example, that we commonly drink wines that are the result of blends, even if this is not necessarily specified on the label?   This […]

    Following our last post about red grape varieties and how knowing them can help us in choosing the right bottle, we thought it would have been fair to have a look at white grapes as well. Indeed, white wines can offer an equal extensive array of textures and […]

Red wine for beginners: how to choose the right bottle?

  Are you a shy and insecure red wine drinker? Would you like to understand a bit more about the ampelographic complexity of red wines in order to better choose your next bottle? You are in the right place. Today’s post will give you some introductory hints on some of […]