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Canned wine Revolution is Here!

  The canned wine revolution is here. Slow to start, the production of wine in cans has really taken off over the last couple of years. Ultra convenient, much more travel friendly, and great for the beach or pool. It’s taking the wine world by storm. But is it any […]


  Let’s be honest. When temperatures start to run into the 30s most of us aren’t exactly craving a glass of bold red wine. Nine times out of ten people will go with something a bit more refreshing; beer, an ice-cold martini, and cider are popular choices. But, there are […]

With summer in full swing it seems that everywhere you turn there’s rosé. Despite the bad rap it began with (remember white zinfandel?) over the last few years it has became the hottest wine beverage on the market. Wineries all over the world have added rosé to their repertoires.   […]

Which Wine Goes best With Ice Cream?

Our Favourite Wine Pairings With Ice Cream Although it’s not a classic match, wine and ice cream is the ultimate indulgence. Believe it or not, these two can actually make a delicious pairing. Pairing wine and ice cream isn’t a difficult task at all as long as you don’t forget […]

  We’re having a rare summer here in the UK and you should be out taking advantage of the gorgeous weather. For picnics, barbecues, a day at the beach or simply relaxing in the back garden, nothing tops a glass of wine. So let’s talk about wine styles and varieties […]