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Is Expensive Wine Worth It?

  Wine has become available to most of the world at a variety of price points. There’s the bottle you pick up at the market or corner store to sip while you’re cooking and use to deglaze your pan, the Wednesday night bottle that you have with dinner at home, […]

Discover the wide world of bubbles and sparkling wines

  Over the last ten years of my life I’ve bought a lot of Champagne. Every time someone got married, graduated from college, had a big birthday, got a promotion, I bought a bottle of Champagne. It’s the universal celebration sparkling wine. It flows like water on New Year’s Eve […]

What do we know about Canabis wine

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Cannabis Wine has hit the market with both THC and CBD infusions. They have been slowly starting to pop up around the world, particularly in California where the legalization of cannabis has been a hot topic for years. While, for most of us this […]

With summer in full swing it seems that everywhere you turn there’s rosé. Despite the bad rap it began with (remember white zinfandel?) over the last few years it has became the hottest wine beverage on the market. Wineries all over the world have added rosé to their repertoires. It […]

  Riesling is a brilliant food wine, but one that some wine drinkers tend to avoid. There’s a common belief out there that all Rieslings are sweet and because of this, many people avoid ordering a glass of Riesling when they’re dining out. It’s a pity really, as these people […]

  While justifiably famous for its lovely chocolate, gooey fondues, and brilliant cheeses, Switzerland also makes excellent wines. Winemaking has taken place in Switzerland since at least the Roman era, possibly stretching back even further into history. As a country with a cooler continental climate, Swiss winemakers tend to focus […]

  Home to outstanding but underrated wines, Slovenia should be on your radar this summer. Winemaking in Slovenia dates to the pre-Roman era. Although the wine industry suffered under Soviet rule, today, Slovenia produces delicious, highly acclaimed wines. Slovenia is geographically complex which means it has a wide array of […]

  Love it or leave, there’s no denying that Chardonnay is one of the world’s most popular wines. The Burgundian grape is also one of the most successful international grape varieties. Wherever winemakers produce wine, someone is making Chardonnay. A versatile grape, winemakers love Chardonnay for its ability to pick […]