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  Ice wines are a luxurious treat for wine lovers with a sweet tooth. Though a rarer and slightly more expensive style of wine, they’re worth seeking out.     What is Ice wine? Ice wine is a form of late harvest wine. Grapes aren’t affected by the botrytis cinerea […]

  The country is considered part of the so-called “Cradle of Wine”, and is home to the oldest known winery in the village of Areni in southeastern Armenia, that was found by American and Armenian archeologists. Remains of crushed grapes and vessels had been resting inside the cave for over […]

  Vinho Verde is located in the north of Portugal in the Minho region along the border with Spain. Its name translates to “green wine,” a reference to their youthful style. These wines are lovely and fresh and come in every colour. White Vinho Verde is the most common style. […]

  April 17th is officially World Malbec Day, so what better time to get to know this brilliant wine! April 17th marks the date that Argentine president Domingo Faustino Sarmiento made it his personal mission to revolutionise Argentina’s wine industry. Through his efforts and the joint efforts of many talented […]

How to Read a Wine Label   Wine labels can be a bit tricky to decipher if you don’t know what to look for. But we’re here to break them down so you can read any wine label flawlessly. Here’s our guide to being able to understand wine labels.There are […]