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Let`s Celebrate World Malbec Day!

Let`s Celebrate World Malbec Day!

Let`s celebrate World Malbec Day

Let`s celebrate World Malbec Day


April 17th is officially World Malbec Day, so what better time to get to know this brilliant wine! April 17th marks the date that Argentine president Domingo Faustino Sarmiento made it his personal mission to revolutionise Argentina’s wine industry. Through his efforts and the joint efforts of many talented winemakers, spokespeople, and Malbec fans, Argentina has grown into one of the biggest wine producers in the world. This beautiful Latin American country is the world leader for Malbec – a bit of surprise considering that the grape has French origins. Yes, Malbec is actually one of the original Bordeaux varieties and is still found in parts of southeastern France. Here’s the thing: Malbec is rather poorly suited to the French climate. It thrives in sunny regions where rain isn’t a constant worry. In Argentina, Malbec reaches heights it could never reach in its native France.


Mendoza is the major Malbec region and high altitude vineyards mean that grapes are exposed to long hours of sun, making sure the grapes reach an ideal level of ripeness while maintaining a balanced level of acidity. Vineyards can be found across the Andean foothills not only in Mendoza, but San Juan and even Salta and Patagonia as well; Malbec is Argentina’s most planted red grape.


Lush, full of blackberry, plum, black cherry, chocolate, with a touch of spice, Argentine Malbec is ideal for grilled meats (the preferred way to drink it in Argentina), but will do nicely with chicken, pork, and semi-hard cheeses.


Need more inspiration? Let the wine app suggest more winning Malbec pairings for your next meal.


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