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A Crash Course in Wine Serving Temperatures

A Crash Course in Wine Serving Temperatures

A Crash Course in Wine Serving Temperatures

A Crash Course in Wine Serving Temperatures


Whether you’re drinking it yourself or pouring it out for friends, making sure your wine is served at the correct temperature is essential, more so even than proper glassware (though that’s important too). Anything less would be in poor taste. So what are proper serving temperatures for different styles of wine? Find out below.


Proper Temperatures for Serving Wine

Ice Wines, Late Harvest White Wine: 6-10 C

Sparkling: 6-10 C

Light to Medium-bodied White Wine: 7-14 C

Full-bodied White Wine: 12-16 C

Fortified Wines: 8-12 C

Rosés and Light Red Wine: 12-17 C

Full-bodied Red Wine: 18-21 C


Why do we need to keep serving temps in mind? Well, in order for a wine to show at its full potential and provide you with the best possible drinking experience, temperature is key. If a wine is too cold, you’ll miss out on the more delicate flavours, particularly when it comes to white wine; in fact, some less than scrupulous restaurants will serve lower quality wines at colder temperatures to mask less than desirable traits.


How to chill a bottle of wine in minutes?

To chill bottles or dessert wine, white wine, or sparkling wine down, you can use a mix of ice,salt and cold water in an ice bucket (or whatever you have on hand). They should be ready for drinking in about 20 minutes or so, and this is a more effective way to cool the wine than simply putting the bottle in the fridge. For reds, because you don’t want to chill them too much you can usually open them right away, provided they’ve been stored at a cool room temperature. Of course, there are people who like their wines much colder (or warmer) than the above recommend serving suggestions, so ultimately it’s up to you.


Chilling a bottle of wine in minutes
A bucket with ice, salt and water will chill down a bottle in minutes

Now that you know how to serve wine at the correct temperature, it’s time to try a few out. Let wine and food pairing app help you choose!


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