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When decanting a red wine is advisable?

When decanting a red wine is advisable?


a) If it is a young wine.


b) If you want to look impressive


c) If it is a wine that has thrown a sediment


d) To reduce the risk of attack by bottle weevil


Answer) c) If it is a wine that has thrown sediment


Want the red wine you recently bought to taste better? Go ahead and decant it.
Most red wines need decanting so that the flavor can be improved. Decanting time ranges from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the type of wine.


How will you know your wine is finally ready?
Adapt your expectation while tasting the wine and get control before you decant it. If you realize the wine taste great early on, drink it at the drop of the hat.


Taste it: If there are overly tannic or difficult aromas, this depicts it is a closed wine and will need decanting.


Try once again: Decant for the recommended time and try tasting it again. If there is no noticeable change, keep waiting for 30 minutes or one hour more.


Not ready? If the wine still tastes the same and is not more pleasant or aromatic, it needs more time. If you get the aromas of the fruity flavors, you will realize it is ready. If it is still not, try swirling it or double decanting.


Some decant every wine for hours and others do it to remove sediments. To make things more interesting there is double decanting. The method that works the best depends on the type of wine. The random movement of particles suspended in a fluid affects the texture and aromas of the wine. Decanting is the perfect method of removing sediment. Aged and matured wines have sediment collected in the bottle. Depending on the type of wine, it looks like fine sand grains or chunks of darker matter. Sediment makes the taste bitter so it is advisable to remove it. Decanting of wine prior to service removes the sediment. If there is time, leave the bottle standing upright for a few days. This is the best way that the sediment won’t get into the glass. In the double decanting method the bottle is washed with clean water and sediment traces are removed before the wine is poured into the bottle and cork is plugged back in.


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