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Desert wine is The New Craze Among Wine Lovers!



Desert wines exist, though there are a few that defines the category, ranging from less sweet to more sweet, light to super-boozy and best for youthful drinking to better when aged for decades.


Ice wine!


Freezing grapes is another way to concentrate sugars to make sweet wine. When made in the traditional way, ice wine is left on the vine long after the typical harvest is finished until temperatures drop enough for the grapes to freeze.


Late harvest: In Sauternes, this allows the sugars to condense in the grapes and then, a noble rot forms on the grapes. It sounds pathetic, but it makes some of the best wines in the world.


Passito di Pantelleria: This velvety wine having deep amber color and intense scents of dried figs, apricot and date. In the mouth, it is warm and round, honeyed and intensely sweet. Great with rich Sicilian desserts, but even better on its own!


Having a fantastic wine app to find the best dessert wine for a romantic date is like finding a pearl in the oyster at the drop of the hat! Get the wine app handy and discover all the amazing desert wines and sip it to know why it is everyone’s favorite.


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