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Which Wine Goes best With Ice Cream?

Which Wine Goes best With Ice Cream?

Our Favourite Wine Pairings With Ice Cream


Although it’s not a classic match, wine and ice cream is the ultimate indulgence. Believe it or not, these two can actually make a delicious pairing. Pairing wine and ice cream isn’t a difficult task at all as long as you don’t forget a few useful tips.


Ice cream and wine delicious pairing suggestions

Make sure wine is sweeter than your ice cream. It’s a perfect excuse to break out some dessert wines. And avoid high tannin wines. This shouldn’t be much of a problem if you’re sticking with dessert wines, but it’s worth noting!


For fruity sorbets flavoured with peach, lemon, or even tropical flavours like mango and passion fruit, serve yourself a glass of lightly sparkling Moscato d’Asti. This aromatic Italian wine shares stone fruit and exotic fruit flavours, making a brilliant pairing.


Sparkling Moscato d’Asti pairing with ice cream
Sparkling Moscato d’Asti is a delightful pairing for fruity sorbets

Love a cheeky bowl of chocolate ice cream? A ruby or LBV port is perfect for you, especially if you throw a few fresh berries in as a garnish. Tawny port is lovely with salted caramel and toffee ice creams.


A cool mint chocolate is especially refreshing during summer a fruity, ultra-ripe or preferably late harvest red blend is delicious. You can also go in the other direction and opt for a sparkling Shiraz – just be sure to check its sweetness levels.


Sparkling shiraz and ice cream
Sparkling Shiraz makes a wonderful pairing with mint chocolate ice cream

A classic French vanilla gives you free reign to drink whatever you’d like. Why not try different tastes of various styles of dessert wine to see what you like best?

Here’s a little tip: you can even pour a little wine over your ice cream to add an extra oomph to each bite.


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