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Is All Riesling Sweet?

Is All Riesling Sweet?

Is All Riesling Sweet?


Riesling is a brilliant food wine, but one that some wine drinkers tend to avoid. There’s a common belief out there that all Rieslings are sweet and because of this, many people avoid ordering a glass of Riesling when they’re dining out. It’s a pity really, as these people are missing out. You see, while some Riesling is sweet, not all of it is.


Riesling comes in a range of styles, from bone dry to fully sweet dessert wines and everything in between. This range of sweetness makes it one of the most versatile wines for food and wine pairings. Dry Rieslings dazzle with chicken, duck, and pork while off-dry (i.e. slightly sweet) or even fully sweet styles are excellent with spicy dishes. Looking for a pairing for Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese food? Riesling has you covered.


For anyone wanted to try dry Riesling, look for bottles from Germany (check the label for the word ‘trocken’), Austria, Australia, Alsace, and New York. Discover why so many wine professionals and aficionados swear by Riesling as their wine of choice for so many cuisines.


Want to compare the different Riesling styles? Search wine tasting app to see which restaurants have the best Riesling selection on their wine lists.


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