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Red Wine Is Made From Red Grapes And White Wine Is Made From White Grapes. True or False?

Red Wine Is Made From Red Grapes And White Wine Is Made From White Grapes. True or False?


Are you one of those who answered ‘True’? Haha! Well, sorry but your answer is incorrect. Don’t lose hope, 95% people think exactly the way you did. Now your mind is boggled and you are curious to know what the answer is, right? Fret not, we have you covered!


The major difference stems from how they are made. Seems interesting? Obviously, it is. Red wine flaunts rosy color because the grape skins are left to ferment with the juice. On the contrary in white wine, the skins are removed before fermentation. Puzzled? You ought to be; maybe you were an average student at school who is unable to grasp facts quickly. Kidding! No worries, here is the detailed explanation.


White wines are obtained when the juice is pressed from grapes and only the juice in fermented. Surprisingly, red wine includes the fermentation of the juice that often contains grape skin and pieces of grapes. During the production of these wines, the solids are dumped once the fermentation process is completed. Red wine color is tempting as it includes grape particles and the juice managed to absorbed tannins. Still confused? Oh, there is a new term that puzzled you. Tannins are found in grape’s skin and seeds. You will be surprised to know that it is a naturally occurring polyphenol that you knowingly consume on daily basis. As alluded earlier, the tannin level is high in red wines than in white, therefore the grape juice doesn’t contribute to the color, and it’s colorless for both. Aah!  Are you feeling more confident, now that you know the correct answer?  Good!


Wine is sunlight, held together by water so grab one today and experience the travel machine in a bottle!




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