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Red Wine or White Wine: Which One has More Calories?

Red Wine or White Wine: Which One has More Calories?



You guessed this one, it’s easy: Red wine is higher in alcohol and more concentrated!


But, wait a second, what about Sauternes or even Trockenbeerenauslese, they have very high sugar content and as we all know sugar = calories. Hum, yes you guessed it the right, answer is actually white wine, sweet ones though!


You may be a pro at checking labels for everything that you pick but when you hit a liquor store for a vino, nutrition facts aren’t found. Luckily, when you are armed with the basic knowledge about calories and ingredients, it’s easy to figure out which wines are the best for maintaining your waistline.



Which wines have more calories?


White wines are considered to be lower in calories as well as alcohol content than red. Light whites have approximately 140 calories or less per six-ounce/175ml glass and on the contrary a light red has between 135 to 165 calories.


To your surprise higher-alcohol red wine like pinot noir or Syrah contains up to 200 calories per glass.


However, sweet wines like Sauternes or Trockenbeerenauslese might go over 200 due to the high sugar content (100 gram of sugar is 400 calories and a bottle of Trockenbeerenauslese can contain up to 300g/l).


There is another trick with sweet wines. As our wine app indicates, sweet wines are often (read most of the time) are paired with desserts. Which means you risk to double (maybe even triple!) the calorie intake.


Wondering how many wine glasses you drank last week to savor your meal? Don’t worry, red wine is good for your health and skin but ensure that you don’t turn into a heavy drinker.


Low calorie wines


There are two low-calories wine that’ll help maintain your waistline.

German Kabinett: A perfect summer drink having low-alcohol and less sugar.


French Rose from Provence or Languedoc: You will definitely love this dry but fruity rose flavored wine that has low-alcohol content.



Not a big rosé fan? Check out our suggestions on thirst quenching wines that aren’t rosé!


You may have the habit of sipping wine without noticing the amount of calories you intake. The quantity of calories depends on the alcohol content; inherit sweetness and the serving size. Surprisingly, sweet wines are more calorific despite of their color. Next time you raise a toast, you know how many calories you are about to intake! Cheers!



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