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Sercial is an important grape in which wine?

Sercial is an important grape in which wine?


a) Sherry
b) Lambrusco
c) Madeira
d) Hock

Answer) c) Madeira
The fortified wine available in sweet and dry styles is worth a try. It has derived its name from the island Madeira, a rock in the Atlantic Ocean. The unique flavor is due to the repeated heating process. The flavors comprise of roasted nuts, stewed fruit, caramel, and candy. A good wine app enhances your wine knowledge so wine lovers make it a point to download it.
As for grapes, the main protagonist is Tinta Negra Mole but there are four other noble grapes namely Sercial, Verdelho, Boal, and Malvasia.
Single varietal Madeira
It is considered as the highest quality of Madeira ideal for aperitifs. Both a non-vintage and single vintage blend wine has the ability to age for centuries.
Sercial is the crisp style of Madeira served as an aperitif at the start of the meal. It has lemony, spicy herbaceous notes having a stony mineral character on the platter. The slight sweetness is offset by the acidity when served chill.
Verdelho is smokier, concentrated and richer. A classic food and wine pairing with it is seafood bisque and smoked potato. It has the smoke and light caramel aroma.
Boal tastes sweet depicts complexity and aromatic lift. If you open the bottle in your kitchen, the smell will spread till your dining room. It smells and tastes like roasted coffee and pairs well with any dessert having nuts, figs, and stewed fruits.
Malmsey is the sweetest of all. So go ahead and pair it with desserts, chocolates or cheese. Like Boal, it has the ability to live for decades together.
If you are a wine lover who is keen to experience something different this time, go ahead and try this amazing wine.


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