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Stay Young & Healthy with Red Wine!

Stay Young & Healthy with Red Wine!

Stay Young & Healthy with Red Wine!

The next time you order a bottle of Shiraz or Pinot Noir in a restaurant or during a get-together, tell your friends about all the health benefits that come along. Here are a few health benefits of enjoying a glass of red wine.


Prevents tooth decay


For a perfect set of pearly whites, have red wine. Surprisingly, it hardens your enamel preventing tooth decay and bacterial growth. Polyphenols found in red wine reduces gum inflammation and prevents gum diseases.


For your forty winks


Has it been long that you are spending sleepless nights? If so, ditch milk and sip red wine. The melatonin helps you sleep peacefully. Make sure you drink it occasionally and not make it a habit of regular consumption.


For a healthy heart


Resveratrol is an antioxidant compound that helps reduce saturated fat accumulating the arteries. In addition to this, red wine contains floavonoids and saponins that protect you against all cardiovascular diseases. Red wine when drunk moderately raises your HDL cholesterol i.e. good cholesterol.


For a glowing skin


Red wine consumption delays ageing by helping you reduce fine lines as well as wrinkles. Plus, it prevents type2 diabetes while making your bones stronger.


Confused which wine to order on which occasion? Fret now, download Wine Picker app after its release and understand wines in a better way!


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