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Storing Wine in the Perfect Way!

Storing Wine in the Perfect Way!

Storing Wine in the perfect way


Everyone is aware of the fact that wine must be protected from its greatest enemy, the oxygen. If the cork dries and sinks, it stops acting like an airtight sealer and may allow oxygen into the wine thereby spoiling it. For this reason, wine bottles and stored on sides keeping the wine damp. It is better to store wine at a particular angle ensuring wine and air bubble are in contact with the cork. When the bottles are stored horizontally, the distance of air bubble from cork results in a higher temperature and the wine may be forced out between the cork and bottle-neck. When the temperature drops, air bubble contracts to form a vacuum and oxygen is drawn into the bottle.


The wine has to be stored at the right temperature. Care should be taken that it never falls below 25 °F. On the contrary, at 86 °F wine’s more volatile compounds may be boiled off forever thereby affecting the color clarity. In general, the ideal wine storage temperature is between 50 and 59 °F. SO as long as the temperature doesn’t fluctuate too dramatically causing the wine to dramatically expand and contract, with the risk letting air into the wine bottle.


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