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Wine Time is Fun Time!

  Wine is an exotic drink that is entertaining, social yet complex. Most of us love to add wine in our meal to enhance the flavor of the food and experience of the meal. When it comes to a get-together, party, business meet, anniversary and other important occasions, wine adds […]

Understanding the Flavors of White Wines

Do you know that the wine color indicates its flavors? From pale wines like Pinot Grigio to intensely colored varieties like Sauternes, the wine color tells a lot about its taste even before you smell it.   Light refracts through the wine   If your white wine sparkles with light […]

Storing Wine in the perfect way

  Everyone is aware of the fact that wine must be protected from its greatest enemy, the oxygen. If the cork dries and sinks, it stops acting like an airtight sealer and may allow oxygen into the wine thereby spoiling it. For this reason, wine bottles and stored on sides […]


  Well, you must have heard about wine and food pairing. Most of us must have also tried different combinations of food and wine in meetings or celebration of occasions like birthday or anniversary. Have you ever thought why pair wine with food? The answer to this question is that […]


    We all have heard the terms like a table, dessert and sparkling wine in reference to various wines in our life.   And many of us comprehend the difference between each yet others simply let these “slangs” fly over their heads.   Fret not, we’ll all the basic […]