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What do we know about Canabis wine

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Cannabis Wine has hit the market with both THC and CBD infusions. They have been slowly starting to pop up around the world, particularly in California where the legalization of cannabis has been a hot topic for years. While, for most of us this […]

Despite its name, orange wine is not made from oranges. So what is it then? In a nutshell, it’s skin contact white wine or white wine made in the same way as reds. Instead of immediately racking the juice off the skins, it is left in contact which imparts tannins, […]

    Thinking a cheeky Thai take-out for dinner tonight? Wondering what to drink with it? Never fear – there’s a wine for that!     With the many wonderful exotic flavours found in Thai cuisine, pairing may seem like a bit of a challenge. Whether it’s a dash of […]

    The world of wine is full of so many choices, but often we find ourselves gravitating towards certain styles. Everyone has a favourite wine, but what does your favourite wine say about you? Here are a few popular grape varieties that are loved the world over, and what […]

White Wines for Spring

  With spring in full swing, the days are gradually growing longer.   Whether you’re in need of a picnic wine or just something to sip, you should definitely give these wines a go.   Vinho Verde from Portugal’s Minho province is a brilliant summer refresher. The name means “green […]