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What is the difference between the Body, Length, Complexity and Balance of wine?

      When we read a wine rating or we describe a wine to a friend, vocabulary has a strategic role. It becomes a common code and it allows us to identify some peculiar characteristics and to imagine the wine without tasting it.   But, with all the factors […]

Which of the following is a rare and old wine from Spain

  (a) Solera (b) Sherry (c) Smirnoff (d) Bitburger   Answer) (b) Sherry   Are you ready for a vinous oxymoron?  A traditional bound, staid wine- Sherry has started to surge in popularity. Nowadays, wine lovers are embracing this idiosyncratic beverage from Andalucía Southern Spain.   It might sound like […]

Wine Pickers ultimate Chardonnay guide

  For many white wine drinkers, Chardonnay is their go-to wine. Is it a surprise? Some of the world’s greatest white wines are made from this delicious grape, especially those coming from France’s Burgundy region. The popularity of Chardonnay Few things in the world approach the beauty and balance of a […]