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All About Provence   Provence is in the southeastern part of France with an incredibly long winemaking history, dating back well over 2,000 years. It’s a beautiful part of the country, with a warm Mediterranean climate, blue skies and sea. Most wine lovers will know of Provence because of its […]

  Willamette Valley is easily Oregon State’s largest and most famous wine region. It helped establish Oregon as a wine region and has become a popular spot for wine producers to set up shop; many Burgundian winemakers have opened up wineries in Oregon, with Willamette Valley being a favourite spot. […]

The California Central Coast wine region covers the area between San Francisco and Santa Barbara. It’s largely a cool climate region thanks to the cold Pacific Ocean and it contains upwards of 40 different sub-regions within its borders. Naturally, you’ll find all sorts of varieties and styles of wine here! […]

    British Columbia is Canada’s new up and coming wine region.   It’s Ontario’s west coast rival and like its main competitor, makes utterly brilliant wines. The heart of British Columbia’s wine country is the Okanagan Valley which lies just to the east of Vancouver.     Climate of […]

  An Intro to Ontario’s Wines   Over the past several decades, Canada has been raising its profile as a winemaking country. It’s now widely recognised a producer of excellent wines. The country got its winemaking start over in Ontario on the east coast of Canada, where Canadian winemakers first […]