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Boxed wine can be a great practical alternative

  The first time I met a box of wine I was in college: a box of Franzia ‘Chablis.’ It sounded fancy and French but, mostly It was cheap and had 4 bottles of worth of wine in it. It was a poor college kid’s dream come true! It became […]

An Introduction to non grape wines

  We’ve all seen it before; that brightly labeled bottle with a bouquet of strawberries on it peeking out at you on the wine shelves. But on second glance you realize it’s not really wine per sec but a fruit wine. Well, yes, grapes are a fruit too, but this […]

What do we know about Canabis wine

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Cannabis Wine has hit the market with both THC and CBD infusions. They have been slowly starting to pop up around the world, particularly in California where the legalization of cannabis has been a hot topic for years. While, for most of us this […]

  We’ve all fallen victim to overindulgence and woken up after a night of drinking too much with a terrible hangover. The headache, dodgy stomach, and general feeling of “I should probably just go back to bed…” seems inescapable. But what causes a hangover? There are several factors which when […]

  This week we’ll jump into part two of our series on wine jargon to help shed light on the language of wine. By adding these words to your wine vocabulary, you’ll not only be able to understand what your sommelier or wine knowledgeable friends are talking about, but you’ll […]