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What would you drink if you were living in Medieval Europe?

    Wine has a long, long history dating back to ancients time, but, it was during the Middle Ages that our beloved drink became so important in Europe.    It was used as a multi-purpose beverage; not only with food but also for medicinal, political and liturgical purposes. It […]

What is orange wine and what's it made of?

I don’t know that I’ll ever understand wine trends. I remember 10 years ago when no one was drinking rosé. Everyone thought it all was going to taste like white zinfandel and wouldn’t be caught dead buying it, much less drinking it. Now, it’s everywhere. I still don’t understand why […]

Is Expensive Wine Worth It?

  Wine has become available to most of the world at a variety of price points. There’s the bottle you pick up at the market or corner store to sip while you’re cooking and use to deglaze your pan, the Wednesday night bottle that you have with dinner at home, […]