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  An Introduction to Napa Valley   Napa Valley is famous the world over for both its wines and its beauty. Located in between the Mayacamas and Vaca mountain ranges, in 1981 it became the first region in California to be awarded  American Viticultural Area or AVA status and the […]


  a) Sherry   b) Lambrusco   c) Madeira   d) Hock   Answer) c) Madeira   The fortified wine available in sweet and dry styles is worth a try. It has derived its name from the island Madeira, a rock in the Atlantic Ocean. The unique flavor is due […]

Rueda wines come from which country

a. Romania   b. Portugal   c.Spain   d. Italy Answer) c) Spain   Spain is known for producing some of the most amazing wines along with a plethora of exotic agricultural products. Looking for classic white wine without sacrificing quality and without burning a hole in your pocket can […]

Barolo, a killer wine from Piedmont, is made of which grape

a.Nebbiolo b. Dolcetto c. The Barolo grape, duh! d. Cabernet Sauvignon   Answer) Nebbiolo   Do you know there is another bold B on the block except Bordeaux and Burgundy that is as powerful and popular as these wines? We are talking about Barolo. The worth mentioning wine and just […]

which wine is produced literally by heating it at high heat

  a) Amontillado Sherry b) Madeira c) Crusted Port d) Vermouth e) Muscat   Answer: b) Madeira   The Madeira Wine, most popularly known as a ‘Wine Born at Sea’ got its name from the Madeira Island.  This fortified wine is a Portuguese wine that is heated at high temperature. […]

Tannins in Wine

  a) The Soil & Sunlight   b) The Skins, Stems, Seeds of the grapes   c) Alcohol   Answer:  b) The Skins, Stems, Seeds of the grapes   Tannins? Generally, the Tannins in wine can be obtained from two sources that can be from grape or wood. It’s a […]

which country is the term “Gran Reserva” most associated with

a) Argentina b) Italy c) Spain d) France Answer c) Spain  Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva are the terms that indicate the aging duration of the wine. A Crianza is estimated to age for a year in the oak barrels. The Reserva is aged for a minimum of one year […]

legislation that governs the sale of alcoholic beverages

  a) Alcohol Control b) Dram Shop c) Administrative Liquor Law d) Consumption Statutes   Answer: b) Dram Shop   Drinking wine sooner or latter costs you.  And to end up this, the Dram Shop Act came into existence by civil lawsuits with a motto to prosecute alcohol vendors and […]