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Top 9 worst things you can do with your wine

Top 9 worst things you can do with your wine


Or a things that a dedicated wine lover will not do.


Wine is synonymous with joy and sharing, but it is also a very serious thing to manage.


A misstep can compromise the quality of the drink and can become a big lapse in style. There are fundamental stakes that cannot be ignored if you want to fully appreciate the many nuances of a wine and sometimes it takes very little to ruin everything!


So, here is our list of PLEASE DON’T DO it with wine!




Putting ice to chill it


If you are in the midst of a sultry summer, putting ice cubes in the glass could be tempting, but, whether white or red, it should never, never, never, be done.


You risk watering down the wine, compromising its organoleptic qualities and, of course, letting your fellow wine connoisseurs suffer a heart attack.


Rather try to respect the service temperatures using a glacette or equipping yourself with a refrigerated bottle rack, chill-pod or use our grandad’s tricks!


Top 9 worst things you can do with your wine. Ice in wine can seriously change the taste of wine by diluting it.


Freezing your wine

By accident or on purpose you should never really keep your wine in a freezer and let it become a piece of ice. At some point of life it probably happens to each one of us to forget the wine in the freezer and take it out when:


  • a. it became an ice.


  • b. the bottle collapsed.


No one will judge you for that, but remember – don’t try to drink this wine. The only way to save it is to use it for cooking.
At least because it it not the same wine as you originally purchased; freezing can alter the taste of wine.


And in case if the bottle broke, you can simple not see the pieces of the broken glass in wine, so keep a little strainer around.




Top 9 worst things you can do with your wine. Why you should never freeze the bottle of wine
Why you should never freeze the bottle of wine



Wine cocktails like the Spanish Kalimotxo


Kalimotxo is a popular summer drink in Spain, composed of 50% wine and 50% coke. There is also another similar cocktail called Kalizer made of beer and Kalimotxo.


In the sad bus of horrible wine cocktails we see a drink with romantic name Mimosa.


This beverage outsider is made by combining Champagne (read: any sparkling) with orange juice. What a bizarre way to enjoy the bubbly wine? The trick is that you don’t even know for sure if your cocktail was prepared with Champagne: most likely the cheapest booze been used instead.



Top 9 worst things you can do with your wine. Very questionable way of using the sparkling wine
Very questionable way of using sparkling wine


Well, let me tell you that no thirst can justify such a sacrilege. No wine should deserve this, but if you really can’t resist to try it, use the cheap kind of cooking wine you find in boxes on the bottom supermarket shelves.



Drink wine in plastic


Plastic cups are considered a real blasphemy by oenophiles: they inhibit the bouquet of wine and do not allow you to enjoy the colour and reflections that are an important part of the taste experience. Here we talk about glassware and explain if it is worth it or not.


Wine should be always served in glass goblets. In the event that they are not so easy to find, you’ll find economic alternatives on the net, even suitable for picnics and camping.



Top 9 worst things you can do with your wine. Plastic glasses for drinking wine will never help not allow you to enjoy the colour and reflections that are an important part of the taste experience 




Make wine at home


In recent years, making wine at home has become almost a trend (My grandma was doing this long before it became mainstream).


You may find it fun, but wine production is a serious matter, which requires sophisticated technology and a deep knowledge. It is easy to make mistakes and, best scenario, you’ll get a kind of decent drink more suitable for cooking than drinking!


In short: if you like wine, let’s leave its production to wine professionals. And Wine Picker, the food and wine matching app will help you pick the right bottle. 



Top 9 worst things you can do with your wine. Fermentation - a one of key elements of wine production...
Fermentation – one of the key elements of wine production…



Store it incorrectly


Storing wine correctly is essential to avoid any deterioration .


Never keep bottles next to heat sources, under direct sunlight and in environments with strong and persistent smells. Hence, the kitchen is certainly not the right place.


The ideal storing place for wine would be a cellar with consistent temperature (between 14 and 18 degrees) and humidity. But, since not all houses have a cellar, look for fresh and poorly lit corners of the house such as stairs or dressing rooms.



Make a bang with your sparkling bottle


Unless you are a F1 driver on the podium, bottles of sparkling wine or champagne shouldn’t be uncorked with a bang, watering your guests.


Just hold the bottle from the bottom with one hand, slowly rotate the cap and hold it.

Not a bang but a whisper: it will surely buy you many points among friends.







DIY Rosé


This is simple. Don’t try to make Rose by mixing white wine with a few drops of red.  The result will not impress you (yes, I tried.)


Yes, there are a few ways to produce this pretty blush wine, and one of them is actually by blending reds and whites. However this method is only accepted in Champagne to produce rosé Champagne.


You can also find these method used in a few New World regions. The difference is that winemakers know what are they doing and aware of wine production rules.




Keep the glass the wrong way


You should always hold the glass from the base or from the stem, never from the cup!


The risks? Warming it up or, worse, altering its taste ad aromas.

Imagine having your hands full of sunscreen; the effect could be really terrible!




Top 9 worst things you can do with your wine. Holding the glass of wine can Warm up the wine and leave a mark.
Don’t let this playful smile trick you: you should always hold the glass by the stem.


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