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The Top Wine Innovations to Check Out

The Top Wine Innovations to Check Out

The Top Wine Innovations to Check Out


With all the new technology available, there have been many brilliant wine innovations released over the past several years. These inventions which range from the high-tech to the more humble but still incredibly clever, are revolutionising the way we drink wine. And they’re not just for the wine gadget geeks out there. Many of these wine innovations are perfect for the everyday wine drinker.



The Coravin took the wine world by storm when it was first released a few years ago. The original Coravin allows wine drinkers to pour wine from a bottle without having to pop the cork – ingenious! It works by using a thin, hollow needle to penetrate the cork and as you pour, fills the space created in the wine bottle with argon gas. Argon is completely inert, which means it won’t alter the flavour of your wine. The cork automatically reseals after the needle has been removed. The Coravin has enabled wine lovers to try bottles they have been saving for years and opened up the possibility for wine lists to offer by the glass pours of more expensive bottles.


coravin purifying wine
Coravin purifying wine

Wine Purifiers

Wine purifiers work by filtering out sulphites while also aerating the wine and claiming not to alter the wine’s taste. It’s a neat concept, but for the majority of people, sulphites aren’t actually a problem. While some wineries do add more sulphites to their wine as a preservative, sulphites are also a natural by-product of fermentation. There are several purifiers available on the market and while the jury’s still out regarding sulphites, they are a great way to aerate your wine.


Sulfite remover wine purifier
Sulfite remover wine purifier


Ways To Chill Wine

There are loads of new gadgets for quickly chilling down a room temperature wine. Wine stones (which you keep in the freezer then put in your glass when you want to cool your wine), chilling sticks (simply pop it into your wine and let it work its magic), and cooling sleeves are all worthwhile investments if you’re a big white wine or rose drinker. Alternatively, use our Grandad’s tricks to chill down a bottle of wine in minutes and make sure your wine is served at the correct temperature.


Wine chilling pearls
Wine chilling pearls

Canned Wine

This trend is picking up in popularity. Wine in a can is brilliant for those times when you only want a glass or two of wine but don’t want to open an entire bottle and potentially let it go to waste. These ultra-portable, single-serve portions are a must for soaking up the sun beachside or at the park.


Canned rosé wine
Canned rosé wine

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