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What are the best wine cocktails you should try this summer?

What are the best wine cocktails you should try this summer?



Remember when, a few weeks ago, we spoke about the unacceptable things to do with wine?


Some wine purists may think wine cocktails should be on that list.


Well, I don’t and, now and then, I don’t mind a wine cocktail and I believe that wine can become a fascinating ingredient in the creation of interesting drinks…so let’s have a look at the best wine cocktails you should taste at least once in your life, which are NOT Sangria!






Originally from Veneto, in Northern Italy, Spritz has now become a citizen of the world.


It is prepared with Prosecco, Aperol bitter and soda water, accompanied by a slice of orange and possibly some nibbles or “cicchetti” (the typical finger food used in Veneto).


My favourite drink on a sunny day, on a rainy day or on any given day! 



What are the best wine cocktails you should try this summer? Aperol Spritz - the citizen of the world.
Aperol Spritz – the citizen of the world.





The Negroni Sbagliato (Wrong Negroni) is the lighter version of the Negroni.


It was created by chance, when, among the crowds and the massive quantity of orders in Bar Basso in Milan, barman Mirko Stocchetto got distracted while preparing a Negroni; by mistake, he ended up pouring Prosecco instead of gin.


It is a slightly citrus and bitter cocktail, made with a mix of Prosecco, Campari, Vermouth and a touch of orange. It is anything but “wrong”!




What are the best wine cocktails you should try this summer? Negroni Sbagliato (Wrong Negroni)
Negroni Sbagliato (Wrong Negroni)




Bellini‘s invention is due to the intuition of Mr. Cipriani, chief bartender and founder of the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice. He decided to name the drink after the artist Giovanni Bellini, in honor of the bright colors of his paintings.


Bellini combines sparkling Brut and fresh peach purée to create a light and fruity taste and it is said to have been Hemingway’s favourite aperitif when he was staying in Venice.



What are the best wine cocktails you should try this summer?Bellini was Hemingway’s favourite aperitif Bellini was Hemingway’s favourite aperitif




New York Sour, a cocktail with a long history, having been created in 1870 by a bartender in Chicago (the same who claims to have also created the Manhattan).


It is made from a blend of Rye whiskey or bourbon, simple syrup, lemon juice and red wine with the optional addition of egg white. Lemon and whiskey are able to exalt the aromas of the red wine creating a delicious mix that has also a beautiful appearance made of different layers of different colours.




New York Sour cocktail is ultimate babe in our list of wine cocktails to try this summer






Hugo or Spritz Hugo is a cocktail made from Prosecco, elderflower syrup, soda water and fresh mint leaves.


It was invented by the bartender Roland Gruber, in South Tyrol. In the original recipe Gruber used melissa syrup, then gradually replaced with elderflower syrup, because it is easier to find.


If you are looking for a perfect drink for a hot summer day with a floral flavor, Hugo is for you!



Hugo is a super refreshing wine drink great for summer days thanks to mint in the receipy




Rossini is a variation of the Bellini cocktail and owes its name to the opera composer Gioacchino Rossini.


The recipe was developed by Mr Cipriani himself, using a puree of fresh strawberries instead of the typical Bellini peach.


It is fresh and thirst-quenching and perfect for a brunch or a romantic toast on Valentine’s Day. 


Need help more help with refreshing wines?  Simply ask Winepicker wine app for recommendations!



Rossini cocktail is girls' favorite. Ripe strawberries make this wine cocktail taste almost like a dessert.




Kir is a traditional French aperitif prepared with “crème de cassis” (black currant liqueur) with the addition of white wine, usually Chardonnay.


It owes its name to Félix Kir, prelate and mayor of Dijon in Burgundy, who used to offer it to all its Town Hall visitors.


From Burgundy this cocktail spread rapidly throughout France, where it is still consumed as an aperitif before meals. One of the most famous variants of is the Kir Royal, which uses Champagne instead of white wine.


What are the best wine cocktails you should try this summer? Kir - traditional French aperitif


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