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What does demi-sec tell you on a bottle of French wine?

What does demi-sec tell you on a bottle of French wine?


  1. Half cooked
  2. Medium dry
  3. Medium sweet
  4. Half dry


Answer B) Medium dry



Demi-sec is a French term use to indicate the dryness in still, sparkling wine or champagne. In still wines,a specific amount of residual sugar is left after fermentation. Demi-sec label sparkling wines are slightly to medium sweet and dry sparkling wines also known as brut and extra brut are the driest. To your surprise in still wines, demi-sec label means having upto 12grams per liter of sugar that may be balanced by the appropriate amount of acidity. On the contrary, in sparkling wine, demi-sec means it contains 32-50 grams of sugar per liter.



Demi-sec champagnes have 32-50 grams of residual sugar per liter that makes them sweeter than the bruts. In most of the wine regions of the world, a wine sugar balance is usually portrait by the specific vineyard and its climate. However, in Champagne the winemaker controls the sweetness aspect during the dosage process. The winemaker reserves the liquid mixture of pure can sugar and finally adds it before corking. A demi-sec wine or medium-dry wine is very soft and subtle having a light and fresh style. Mumm Napa Demi-sec is one such scrumptious beverage with delightful pale straw color with a hint of yellow green. Enjoy the rich aromas that are predominantly citrus having a faint caramel touch. The finish lasts longer, dominated by white chocolate and vanilla flavors. Veuve Clicquot, Piper Heidsieck and Tsarine are some demi-sec wines that will make your meal or party worth remembering.


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