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What is CAVA?

What is CAVA?

a) The French term for wine cellar


b) The cellar-master of Burgundy domaine


c) A word, meaning blend of different grapes


d) Sparkling wines made in Spain


Answer) (d) Sparkling wines made in Spain


Sounds interesting?  As a lot of people want to know about Cava in detail, whether it is Champagne? What is the difference between Cava and Champagne? Let’s find out what Cava is and what makes it so unique.


Spain’s sparkling wine that derives its name from “cave”. Cave describes the wide network of caverns that house and ages this delectable beverage. What does Cava have in common with Champagne? There is just one thing that is common and that is it sparkles and is made in the traditional method termed as ‘Methode Champenoise’. Beyond this basic process of making this sparkling wine, both the styles differ drastically. You will be surprised to know Cava is way different from Champagne in terms of taste. If you are looking for something valuable and bubbly, this one is for you!


Cava in Spain was modeled after Champagne in France. Cava production is from the traditional Spanish grapes. Macabeu, Xarel.lo and Parellada are prominent Cava grapes. Macabeu is the primary grape having a compact bunch and a smooth skin Macabeu has simple flavors, delicate aromas having a slightly bitter finish whereas Xarel.lo is aromatic having rich floral aromas, good acidity, and consistency. Another grape, Parellada is highly acidic greenish grape having citrus flavors. Together the three grapes create a fruity sparkling wine, Cava.


Do you think Cava is sweet? No, it is not. It is far closer to a non-vintage Champagne or a Sparkling wine.  Cava is a great alternative to Champagne. Although, Champagne is good but should have a variety to make life exciting. And while you are on it why not download the best wine app and get ideal food and wine-pairing. Sip Cava and you will definitely appreciate its style, quality, and value.


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