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Why should you drink dry wines before sweet wines?

Why should you drink dry wines before sweet wines?



To make the sweet wine seem less sweet? Or  to make the sweet wine seem full-bodied? Or perhaps to prevent the dry wine from seeming overly dry?


We choose drinking dry wines before sweet ones to prevent the dry wine from seeming overly dry.

Every day new people are falling in love with wine and its aromas. People have started enjoying the wine world. Wine tasting has never been for wine snobs. Whether you are at a wine shop, at a tasting party or have multiple bottles open in a gathering, the manner in which the wine can be tasted can have a great impact on the flavors.


When you bring friends together for an evening of wine tasting, have you ever struggled with the order you choose to serve wine? It happens most of the time so the following tips help you through those rough times so you feel more confident about wine tasting. Some wines extinguish the flavor in your platter and others are so nuanced that they are unpleasant. Here is the serving order:


White before reds


Begin with Riesling, then Pinot Grigio, then Sauvignon Blanc, then Gewurztraminer and finally Chardonnay! If you follow this sequence, beginning with lighter-fuller bodied and dry to sweeter wines, your tasting won’t be tart or unpleasant. To your surprise, white in the middle of the red tasting breaks the tannins. After this, you can go and try dry heavier wines so that it doesn’t overwhelm the senses and distort the taste.


Red Before Sweet Wines


First Rose, Pinot Noir, Merlot and then Shiraz and Cabernet. Ideally red wines should be tasted in a light bodied progression. This is because sweet wines cause dry wines to become more acidic. Sip Pinot Noir, then Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon before heavy body wine.


Fortified wines


Anything before fortified wine because this type of wine has high alcoholic content that burns the sense of smell as well as the palette.


Sparkling wine


Sparkling wine is to be tasted after white, red, dry and sweet wine. Although this is the right sequence, rest depends on the color and sweetness of the wines.


Young before old


Age before beauty is not the case when it comes to wine. Friends wine are to be savored in gathering and party. During the deep tasting, with a lot of bottles, nuances of old wines may be lost, so go young before old.


The order is important so that the flavors don’t overlap with one another and you savor your meal. Although blends require some guesswork but generally the largest grape by percentage will define wine’s character.




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