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How Wine is Best Paired with Burgers?

How Wine is Best Paired with Burgers?



Hamburgers are considered as one of the staple food in UK and wine has been collecting fans for thousands of years across the globe but can both of them stand side by side on a menu? Can a dainty glass of wine sit beside a juicy burger? Well, it does, you just have to learn the sophistication of the food and wine matching.


Perfect burger


Burger with lettuce tomato and onion without cheese is subtly perfect with Lambrusco Amabile, Spanish Garnacha and Ruby port on the rocks. Substantially the wine listed above have less sugar so they enhance the flavors and not overpower them.


Classic cheese burger


A burger having a slice of cheddar cheese adds a tang of creaminess to the overall profile. They are rightfully paired with Crianza, Reserva Rioja., Chianti Classico, Coonawarra Cabernet and Montalcino Rosso. This is because the tannins act as a palate cleanser cleaning the stickiness of the cheese. In addition to this, these wines have more savory flavors that best compliment cheddar cheese.


Are you doing it right?


Does burger wine pairing make sense to you? Well, everyone doesn’t understand food wine pairing benefits but if made perfectly can give you a scrumptious meal you will remember for lifetime.



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